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This article is about an older version of DF.

You can assign a war dog or hunting dog to help a dwarf out with fighting or hunting, respectively.

Assigning animals[edit]

To assign a dog view a dwarf and check their preferences. Then select "Work Dogs", e. From this menu you can assign any dogs that are available. From that point on they will follow the dwarf and cannot be unassigned.

Training animals[edit]

Training animals is done at the kennels.

Guard animals[edit]

You can also restrain (or cage) animals to act as guards and unchain them when an enemy is spotted nearby, allowing them to attack.

Once the restraint (or cage) is built select the restraint (or cage) using the "Set Building Tasks/Prefs" menu, q, and assign the animal to it. A dwarf will haul the animal to the restraint (or cage) and lock it in. Use the q menu again to release the animal.

  • Animals in cages require a dwarf to let them out, or a lever or a pressure plate connected to the cage via a mechanism, to unleash the animal within.
  • Animals in restraints need a dwarf to release them.
  • Animals in restraints can move to the 8 squares surrounding the restraint, animals in cages cannot move.
  • Animals can detect ambushing creatures and thieves.