How do I stop my marksdwarves from wrestling?

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There are several reasons why a dwarf or group of dwarves equipped with crossbows and with access to ammo will not train.

  • The most likely reason is a lack of quivers - dwarves will no longer hold a stack of bolts to use with a crossbow.
  • Dwarves must use the correct type of ammunition for their weapon.
  • Dwarves will only train their crossbow skill if an archery target is available and marked for training usage.
  • Squads must be assigned equipment (weapon, armor) and ammo (bolts). They must be explicitly assigned a crossbow. If they are assigned "ranged, individual choice", they will not practice archery, but they may still fire bolts in combat situations.
  • Prior to .09, if you had an Arsenal Dwarf, (s)he had to process all equipment changes. With .09, the Arsenal Dwarf position is gone.
  • Dwarves will only use Archery Ranges in their free time (if they're not set to TRAINING in a given month). It's best to consider TRAINING to mean combat training.

See also: the first known demonstration of archery practice in DF2010.