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This article is about the current version of DF.
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If "vanilla" Dwarf Fortress wasn't difficult enough for you, consider challenges. Challenges can make the game harder, or just give you an objective to strive for.

Playstyle challenges[edit]

Main article: Playstyle challenge

Restrict the way you play the game with self-enforced rules. Only embark with certain items and skills, or restrict your playstyle in other ways.

Construction challenges[edit]

Main article: Megaproject

Try building some ridiculously humongous, complicated construction, using whatever appropriate building method your fevered imagination can come up with! Need some ideas? Take a look at the megaprojects page! See the mega construction page for tips and tricks related to constructing megaprojects.

Whatever challenges[edit]

Main article: Stupid dwarf trick

Do whatever stupid dwarf trick floats your boat.