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This article is about the current version of DF.

The corpses of vermin are called remains. Unhappy dwarves in a macabre strange mood will sometimes request vermin remains to construct their artifacts. Remains cannot be butchered, and are not otherwise useful.

Creatures with the HUNTS_VERMIN tag, notably cats, will kill vermin, leaving the remains scattered around the fort. (Cats who have adopted a dwarf seem to drag the remains of vermin they kill to their owner). Honey bees, for example, will leave behind remains after stinging.

While this prevents unhappy thoughts from hateable vermin, it can also cause areas of your fort to become littered with remains if not properly taken care of.

With time, remains rot away. Unlike corpses, remains do not cause miasma or leave bones upon full decomposition; they simply disappear. Remains are stored in a refuse stockpile, subject to standing orders refuse settings.