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Ok, copy pasting this here, until we can reword it into something readable:

Let's see, fort scholars... they do activity cycles, the length of which is 1-2 days (whether they are pondering or discussing etc.) Once they get through 50 cycles, it rolls 0-50 vs. the number of completed cycles minus 50 to see if they get "breakthrough credit." So at 51, they have a 2% chance, and at 100, they have a 100% chance. Then, it resets the cycle number to zero and gives them breakthrough credit, based on a skill roll plus 100 (for discuss, the other researchers contribute half of their summed skill rolls.) Based on the difficulty (1-4) of the topic, total lifetime breakthrough credit is then assigned a number of 50-sided dice. An easy topic is dice=credit/2500, then /5000, then /10000, then /20000 for level 4 topics. The number of dice cannot exceed 10. Then roll these dice -- if you get a 50 on any of them, discovery! This is a bit archaic, and I'm not suggesting it works particularly well. But that is how it works. Also: if they fail to get the breakthrough after the 50-sided rolls, they have a 2% chance of switching topics, or if their credit exceeds 100000, they always switch topics (though they keep the credit, so returning to the topic later gives them a decent chance at breakthrough.)

from http://www.bay12forums.com/smf//index.php?topic=169696.msg8071983#msg8071983

Therahedwig (talk) 17:39, 1 January 2020 (UTC)