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These discussions are currently active. Check them out and voice your opinion! A list of recent changes to discussions is also available. More information is available at DF:Centralized Discussion.

  • Your edit was saved - Possible wiki bug, spurious "Your edit was saved" messages
  • Animal Raws for Animal Men - Discussing adding the Raws of the respective creatures to their Animal Man counterparts
  • Announcements: To discuss possible implementations and locations of wiki-related announcements
  • Translating the wiki: To discuss the possibility of setting up a translation system on the wiki
  • 0.42-micro-template - When and how to mark minor 0.42-specific content when the full banner is not practical for formatting reasons.
  • Template for DFHack - There should be a specific template for wiki sections involving DFHack, distinct from the one used for mods.


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