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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The library has been dumbed down from previous releases but is still a very powerful tool in the Masterwork mod for training dwarves in both civilian and military skills. It is much faster to school an unskilled migrant or peasant in a moodable skill than to spend time and resources making dozens of objects in a workshop. The required reagents are something to write with and something to write on: pens can be feather quills made by a craftsdwarf or spring-steel nibs from the Toolmaker. Ink can be made from ash, blood, dye or graphite by a craftsdwarf and requires a jug for storage. Paper can be made from wood at the Screwpress, vellum can be cut from leather and papyrus can be made from any plant at the Thatchery. Library supplies can also be purchased at embark or from caravans.

A Scriptorium can write the essays necessary to be bound into books to be studied in the various libraries and this requires a journal (craftsdwarf) and glue from the Kitchens, Screwpress or Herbalist.

Library supplies are stored in various directories as Stones or Blocks. Placing a dedicated stockpile next to the Scriptorium and Library with settings “bins, barrels zero” will prevent hauling delays and red-out tasks.

Tips: The Library of Mind and Body can train medical dwarves to level 5 in all needed skills. The Library of Crafting can quickly give a plebe a useful, moodable skill. The Library of Mechanics and Metals includes masonry and rune/engraving. The Library of Warfare trains individual weapon skills as well as armor wearing, shield use and dodging.