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MDF: v1.31

Mithril, the magical, Tolkien-esque metal, appears in the mod both as infrequent ore in galena veins and as trade from the elves (both as bars and objects). It can also be produced in the Metallurgist forge from steel and silver once your researchers have discovered the technology.

It is lightweight and superior to steel for both armor and edged weapons. See metals for a comparative description of Mithril’s properties.

As with several of the “flavor” metals, Mithril can be upgraded to Welded Mithril, an ultra-lightweight composite with even better properties (think Damascus steel); this requires Titanium, always in short supply but available from Teduk’s Fine Goods as well as the usual channels.


  • Mithril cloaks are one of the best ways to protect the throat area in combat in addition to giving extra overall protection. Clothing of any material will wear over time and tattered Mithril cloaks are quite valuable as trade goods.
  • In the current release, Welded Mithril cannot be used for clothing.