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Testudines (turtles)[edit]


Gopher tortoise

Giant tortoise (stand-in for Galapagos tortoise and other large tortoises)

Sea turtle

Leatherback turtle

Snapping turtle

Musk turtle

Snake-necked turtle

Box turtle

Painted turtle

Softshell turtle

Crocodilia (crocodilians)[edit]

Alligatoridae (alligators and caimans)[edit]

Alligator (already included

Musky caiman's_Dwarf_Caiman

Spectacled caiman

Black caiman

Crocodylidae (crocodiles)[edit]

Sharp-snouted crocodile

Delta crocodile (Has several colour morphs.)

Freshwater crocodile

River crocodile (Known as "mamba" to the Swahili. "Mamba crocodile"?)

Marsh crocodile

Saltwater crocodile (already included)

Dwarf crocodile

Other Crocodilia[edit]


Lacertilia (lizards)[edit]

Main article: Lizards

Serpentes (snakes)[edit]

Boidae (boas)[edit]

Boa constrictor

Rubber boa

Green anaconda

Yellow anaconda

Rainbow boa

Colubridae (generic snakes)[edit]


Tree snake

Vine snake / Whip snake

Cat snake

Mangrove snake

Pythonidae (pythons)[edit]

Reticulated python

Cave python's_python (amalgam of two interesting cave-dwelling pythons)

Black-headed python

White-lipped python

Green tree python

Viperidae (vipers)[edit]

Causinae (night adders)[edit]

Velvety-green night adder

Demon night adder

Spotted night adder

Two-striped night adder

Lined night adder

Swimming night adder

Crotalinae (pitvipers)[edit]


Jumping pitviper

Palm pitviper

Forest pitviper


Hundred-pace pitviper / Snorkel viper



Temple viper

Night adder


Cottonmouth / Water moccasin

Viperinae (true vipers)[edit]

Bush viper

Puff adder

Horned viper

Desert viper


Rock viper

Meadow viper

Elapidae (cobra-like snakes)[edit]

Naja (cobras)[edit]

Spectacled cobra

Spitting cobra

Forest cobra

Water cobra

Coral snake

Burrowing cobra / Many-banded snake

King cobra

False water cobra

Dendroaspis (mambas)[edit]

Green mamba (less aggressive)

Black mamba (very aggressive)

Austrelaps (copperheads)[edit]

Pygmy Copperhead

Lowland Copperhead

Bungarus (kraits)[edit]

Banded Krait (very dark brown broad yellow stripes)

Curl Krait* (brown with cream stripes)

Black Krait (black with broad cream stripes)

Ringed Krait* (black with small cream stripes)

Hydrophis (sea snakes)[edit]

Faint-banded sea snake (grey with light yellow stripes)

Dwarf sea snake (light blue with grey stripes)

Annulated sea snake (black with triangle shaped light yellow stripes)

Striped sea snake (even black and white stripes - looks amazing)

Paddle teil sea snake* [1]

Amphisbaenia (amphisbaenas)[edit]

Amphisbaenidae (worm lizards)[edit]

Worm lizard

Bipedidae (ajolotes)[edit]

Ajolote / Mole lizard

Rhineuridae (thunderworms)[edit]


Trogonophidae (desert worm lizards)[edit]

Desert worm lizard