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Corytophanidae (helmeted lizards)[edit]

Basilisk (runs on water)

Helmeted basilisk

Casquehead iguana

Iguanidae (iguanas)[edit]

Green iguana

Marine iguana


Zebra-tailed lizard

Greater earless lizard

Earless lizard

Banded rock lizard

Horned lizard

Sator (not much information available)

Fence lizard

Fringe-toed lizard

Tree lizard

Side-blotched lizard

Polychrotidae (anoles)[edit]

Green anole

Bush anole


Lava lizard

Crotaphytidae (collared lizards)[edit]

Collared lizard

Leopard lizard

Opluridae (Malagasy iguanas)[edit]

Malagasy iguana*


Spinytail lizard's_Spinytail_Lizard

Agamidae (agamas)[edit]

Jacky dragon (temperate-dependent sex determination)

Mulga dragon

Frill-necked lizard

Crevice dragon

Forest dragon's_Forest_Dragon

Thorny devil

Water dragon

Bearded dragon

Rock agama

Pricklenape agama

Green crested lizard


Leaf-nosed lizard

Dragon lizard

Tree dragon

Kangaroo lizard

Mountain dragon

Fan-throated lizard

Spiny lizard

Sailfin lizard (runs on water)

Butterfly lizard


Chamaeleonidae (chameleons)[edit]

Dwarf chameleon

Parson's chameleon*'s_chameleon (has various color morphs)

One-horned chameleon

Veiled chameleon

Three-horned chameleon's_Chameleon (bears live young)

Panther chameleon

Leaf chameleon

Bearded pygmy chameleon

Spectral pygmy chameleon

Gekkota (geckos and fogs)[edit]

Gekkonidae (geckos)[edit]

Aeluroscalabotinae (cat geckos)[edit]

Cat gecko


Forest gecko


Green gecko

Crested gecko

Bearded gecko

Barking gecko (forms groups, unusually for reptiles)

Eublepharinae (eyelash geckos)[edit]

Banded gecko

Leopard gecko

Fat-tailed gecko


Spider gecko

Bronze gecko (sheds its skin readily)

Croaking gecko's_Croaking_Gecko

Amaral's Brazilian gecko*'s_Brazilian_Gecko

Marbled gecko

Day gecko

Pygmy gecko

Bent-toed gecko


Calling gecko

House gecko

Dwarf gecko

Ocelot gecko

Ground day gecko's_day_gecko

Tree day gecko

Leaf-toed gecko

Scorpion-tailed gecko

Flying gecko

Dwarf gecko (smallest known reptile)

Dune gecko

Wall gecko

Viper gecko

Leaf-tailed gecko

Pygopodidae (fogs)[edit]


Scincomorpha (skink-like lizards)[edit]

Scincidae (skinks)[edit]

Sandfish (swims through sand)

Spotted skink (looks like an earthworm)

Ocellated skink (generic skink)

Monkey skink (prehensile tail)

Blue-tailed skink

She-oak skink (tail starts very long, and continues growing)

Prickly skink (unusually prickly scales)

Big-eared skink (very large ears)

Sand skink (few toes, lives underground)

Snow skink (lives in cooler climes)

Terror skink (predatory)

Green-blooded skink (green blood, climbs walls)

Blue-tongued skink

Crocodile skink (vocalizes, plays dead, crocodilian scales)

Lacertidae (true lizards)[edit]

Green lizard

Rock lizard

Jewelled lizard

Wall lizard

Canary Islands lizard*


Sand racer

Forest lizard

Keel-bellied lizard

Blue-tailed tree lizard

Orange-tailed lizard

Rough-scaled lizard

Desert lizard

Scrub lizard

Sand lizard

Mountain lizard

Fringe-fingered lizard

Common lizard


Some species have few or no males, and therefore only one caste.

Jungle runner

Whiptail (hermaphroditic)

Crocodile tegu

Caiman lizard


Cordylidae (girdled lizards)[edit]

Grass lizard

Girdled lizard

Flat lizard

Crag lizard

Gerrhosauridae (plated lizards)[edit]

Sand plated lizard (Angolosaurus skoogi)

Blue-black plated lizard (Cordylosaurus subtesselatus)

Giant plated lizard*

Long-tailed seps (Tetradactylus africanus and others)

Keeled plated lizard (Tracheloptychus madagascariensis and T. petersi)

Zonosaur (Z. madagascariensis and others)

Gymnophthalmidae (spectacled lizards)[edit]

Four-toed lizard (has only four toes per foot)

Spined tegu

Neusticurus ecpleopus* (can swim)

Xantusiidae (night lizards)[edit]

Small night lizard

Yellow-spotted night lizard

Desert night lizard

Diploglossa (snake-like lizards and knob-scaled lizards)[edit]

Anguidae (glass lizards)[edit]

Slow worm

Glass lizard

Legless lizard


Alligator lizard

Arboreal alligator lizard

Xenosauridae (knob-scaled lizards)[edit]

Crocodile lizard

Knob-scaled lizard

Platynota (monitor lizards and venomous lizards)[edit]

Varanidae (monitor lizards)[edit]

Ridge-tailed monitor

Rock monitor

Black tree monitor

Clouded monitor (Got name from subspecies.)

Short-tailed monitor

Savanna monitor


Sand goanna

Desert monitor

Mangrove monitor

Dragon monitor (Name should be recognizable.)

River monitor

Emerald tree monitor

Crocodile monitor

Water monitor

Spotted tree monitor

Lace monitor

Helodermatidae (venomous lizards)[edit]

Beaded lizard

Studded venom monster (Gila monster, translation of Latin)