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Hi. I like to automate stuff.

Semi-automated edits performed by OddballJoeAuto.

My Sandbox

Wiki health stats[edit]

Special:Statistics contains the standard wiki statistics.

Relevant and obsolete page statistics
Up-to-date (reviewed) articles for current DF version 1,205
Total articles for current DF version (all articles, minus obsolete) 2,361
Total articles marked "Current" by the article version template 2,374
Total articles 10,031
Category:Obsolete (pages tagged with older versions) 7,648
Category:Obsolete features 22
Category:Utility:Outdated 20
Category:Migrated pages needing review 1,145
Category:Migrated pages with sections needing review 11
Major categories (not comprehensive or necessarily exclusive)
Category:Creatures 697
Category:Animals 312
Category:Vermin 122
Category:Races 17
Category:Skills 147
Category:World 134
Category:Verify 187
Humorous pages
Category:D for Dwarf (any page containing a D for Dwarf section) 993
Category:Humor_and_stories 26
Category:Lore 14