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Tip Boxes!

I've also created a template that people can use to embed "tips" in documentation that might otherwise interrupt the flow of things. They're most appropriate for tutorial-type documents that have a sort of step-to-step nature, similar to the "Whatever for Dummies" books. See DF2010:Quickstart guide for example usage. Also see Template:TipBox2.

This tip box style can be created with:

   |float=right  (defaults to no float)
   |width=50%    (defaults to 35% for floating)
   |titlebg=#a00 (defaults to green #0a0)
   |textbg=#fee  (defaults to white)
   |Tip Boxes!
   |I've also created...}}

Greetings, I am Ral.

I have done major work on:

But it has been years!

Contact Ral on the forum

Main page sandbox:

Tip Boxes! No Float (inline)

If you omit the float parameter then you'll get something like this that's inline with the text. This can be used to emphasize warnings, etc. Width defaults to 80% for the inline type box and 35% for the floating box, so you can usually leave out the width also.

   |Tip Boxes! No Float (inline)
   |If you omit...