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Rhenaya Libashsedil, "Rhenaya The Axe-Angel", Axelady
Rhenaya Libashsedil has been quite content lately. She admired own fine crafted dwarf fortress copy lately. She was disgusted by a dwarf fortress crash recently. She was nauseated by the sun lately. Has been annoyed by flies. She was awoken by noise while sleeping lately. She talked with a friend lately. She beat somebody with an axe recently.
She was a faithful worshipper of Toady One the Creator of Dwarf Fortress.
She was a citizen of The Alpine Mountains. She was a member of The Salty Fortress. She was a bookkeeper of The Salty Fortress.
She was twenty-seven years old, born on the 21th of Felsite in the year 1985. She died in Moonstone 2012.
Her first toe, right foot was dented. Her first toe, left foot was dented. Her lower left back tooth was gone.
She was weak and very thin. Her hair was tied in a pony tail. Her close-set thin-irised aquamarine eyes were deeply sunken. Her hair was brown. Her skin was pale pink. Her right lower arm was bearing the mark of old wounds, including a tiny straight scar.
She was incredible quick to heal, but she was unquestionably weak and very quick to tire.
Rhenaya Libashsedil liked dwarf fortress, notebooks, silver, battle axes, two handed swords, the color blue, red squirrels for their tails and dwarves for their beards. When possible, she prefered to consume cow milk and wild strawberries. She absolutley detested flies.
She had great analytical abilities, great intuition and a sum of patience, but she had a little difficulty with words, little memory to speak of, little natural inclination toward music, poor empathy, a meager ability with social relationships and next to no creative talent.
She lived at a leisure pace. She was entirely adverse to risk and excitement. She was slow to anger. She did not have a great artistic sensitivity. She was very assertive. She was rarely happy or enthusiastic. She often felt discouraged. She disliked contracts and regulations. She considered spending time alone much more important than associating with others. She was bored by reality and had a wonderful imagination. She was entranced by riddles and puzzles and loved to debate issues and ideas. She reveled in chaos and disorder. She was completely disorganized. She often did the first thing that came to mind.
A medium-sized creature prone to great ambition.

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