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Silver is a mid-value metal which is useful for weapons, ammunition, furniture, decorations, and other objects. Silver may be combined with other metals in a magma smelter or smelter to produce the following alloys:

these reactions may only be performed with bars (not ores)

Despite its name, nickel silver does not contain any silver.


Silver has the highest density of all the weapon-grade metals; its additional weight enhances the performance of bludgeoning attacks such as with maces, mauls, and war hammers, though all of the normal metals perform about the same and the extra weight of silver may exhaust the wielder slightly faster.[1] Meanwhile, a low shear strength means silver edged attacks such as with axes, spears, or swords are quite terrible compared to other metals. Silver also has somewhat poor yield values important for armor, and is more prone to wear.

While silver swords were said to be the only blades capable of slaying werewolves in legends, werebeast types in Dwarf Fortress will be vulnerable to a random metal, and steel will tend to be more reliable.

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