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Exp/attr gains[edit]

Read a book +20 Analytical, Focus; +10 Linguistic +30 Reading, Student (first time only)
Compose dance w/mus+lyrics +1000 Creativity, +500 Linguistic and Music +110 Writing, +50 Poetry, Musician and Dance
Write letter +1 Analytical +12 Writing, +50 Prose
play string (per turn) agil +10, crea +10, music +10 make music +1, play string +1, specific instrument +1, music form +1
sing (per turn) foc +10, crea +10, music +10 make music +1, sing +1, music form +1
simulate (per turn) foc +10, crea +10, music +10 make music +1, sing +1, music form +1 (+0 to instrument)

double gain on 1st turn singing doesn't increase speaking, poetry or poetic form speaking doesn't increase ANYTHING and always bombs

dance +10 str, agi, end, spa, kin

biped gaits[edit]


         : 214:428:642:900:1900:2900
     swim: 731:1525:2257:2990:4300:6100
    crawl: 675:1409:2069:2728:4000:5700
    climb: 585:1178:1692:2206:3400:4900


         : 225:450:6754:900:2900
     swim: 1254:4112:4723:5341:6433:7900
    crawl: 731:1525:2257:2990:4300:6100
    climb: 1755:-8567

all beastfolk (as of 43.05, biped conversion scales to percentage difference; req more examination)

         : 293:521:711:900:1900:2900
     climb: 731:1525:2257:2990:4300:6100

Food, energy, fat[edit]

  • Hunger, Thirst and Sleepiness timers increment 1/tick, Stomach and Food Contents decrement 1/tick
  • Each consumable unit increases Stomach Contents by 50k.
  • A unit of food increases Food Contents and reduces Hunger equally. A unit of drink decreases Thirst.
    • Some drinks (incl alcohol) increase Food Content as well.
    • Not all Food Contents decrease Hunger (incl alcohol.)
  • Food Contents are converted to Stored Fat 1/tick.
  • Exhaustion increases and Stored Fat decreases at the rate of Energy usage.

There isn't a stamina capacity, instead Exhaustion is increased until reaching limits of Tiredness (2k Exhaustion,) Over-Extertion (4k,) to Unconsciousness. These are determined by physical attributes and possibly the body plan of the unit. Exhaustion decreases at a rate most certainly determined by Endurance, and possibly other attributes and body plan factors.

Fat tissue layer thickness scales to Stored Fat, so it will modify speed gradually. Death by starvation won't occur until Stored Fat is completely depleted, so you can survive hunger as long as you have some. As of 43.05 layer insulation properties aren't used, but I expect that to change in future updates.

As with muscle mass, fat mass scales to a creature's base size and fat percentage. A kobold could pig out until pot-bellied without dragging down his activity level, but a fattening bear man could slow down so much that he may as well sleep off the rest of the season.

When a unit offloads from the local map, all counters are reset except Hunger/Thirst/Sleep timers and Stored Fat, so an adventurer has much more control over fat gains. If you wanted to add on the mass, you could sit around feasting and guzzling booze. If you wanted to trim down, you could offload the map immediately after consuming food or drinking alcohol, then return to local map to engage in any activity; even standing around talking has an Energy cost.

Arena/Adventurer Limits[edit]

Arena, avg attr - These appear consistent for all races and body sizes. scale 86400 ticks/day, 50000 per unit consumed

  • Thirst - 57600, 115200, 172800 -9.1% gaits, 345600 Dehydrated -16.7% gaits, 864k Dead
  • Hunger - 57600, 172800, 1209600 -9.1% gaits (-16.7% w/extreme thirst,) 2592000 Starving -16.7% gaits (23.1% w/ext thirst) stored fat burns 10x faster, 5184000 terminal

5184000 is the highest you can survive without stored fat, but so long as you do, there's no further penalty. Max stored fat = 999999; 2,060.2k ticks between starving and terminal, burn rate effectively divides fat by 10.

Stomach capacity of 300k (6 units) appears to be constant for all body sizes, from giant elephants to capybara, so presumably a unit of consumption scales to whatever creature is consuming it. But over 250k, the stomach will eject total Content into a pool-sized splatter of vomit. Hunger/Thirst timers won't increase though, so you can fill back up to max, and when vomit counter times out, it'll be ejected again. If you're unable to sleep/wait/travel, this would be the quickest way to bring your Hunger/Thirst down to tolerable amounts. And if severely starving, the acidic green puddle between your boots becomes an unlimited food supply.

to do test fat counter in fast travel.

  • Sleep - 115200, 172800, 259200 (-7% gaits), 345600 (-9.1% gaits), 864000 (-16.7% gaits), max 5184000