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Bal Adv Notes[edit]

Unit ID: 22114 Nemesis ID: 23463 Hist Figure ID: 184104


  • Str 2000
  • Agi 2200
  • End 2200
  • Tou 2000
  • Rec 1000
  • Dis 1000
  • Foc, Wil, Spa/Kin all 2200

wereform maximums str: 2815 / agi: 4414 / tou: 2242 / end: 2188 / rec: 1495/2990 / dis: 1380/2880

Poetic Forms[edit]

By Topic


id Title Style Subject Examples
Droplet of Knowing ribald Auras*, Perishment*, *Malodorous*
Flutes of Glittering solemn apology
Oracular Focus solemn apology historic
Silken Wonder dramatic complaint historic
Scholars of Style
Velvety Petal dramatic retired
Sweetness of Brides riddle
The Fancy Blossom light satire deceased
Velvety Sister retired
Luxurious Mother historical


id Title Style Subject Examples
Beloved Blossom of Intricacies pleasure region Wish Ever*
Amethyst Larks ribald grief place Pastime*


id Title Style Subject Examples
Wise Prophecies solemn current
Wise Letter reflective past
Euphoric Silks ribald future *Carnality, *Buzzard, Covers*
Watchful Prophecy ribald past


id Title Style Subject Examples
Fair Clearing light peace, moral
Pristine Tresses light moral
Legendary Prophecies dramatic moral
Earthen Mountain light moral
Lesson of Intricacy solemn moral
Truthful Covers solemn praise loyalty
Convenient Grower of Business solemn family
Fresh Beginning reflective family
Tile of Bushes pleasure family
Sculpted Esteem narrative war Eggs Early, *See Joys


id Title Style Subject Examples
Glens of Autumn reflective Feasts Misty, *Immoral Leopards, *Grief*, *Juggler,
Grizzly Hawk pleasure *Friend Rings
Livid Tribe reflective complaint


id Title Style Subject Examples
Tenderness of Suitors reflective grief
Fabulous Butterfly riddle grief *Wraths
Tulips of Smiling


id Title Style Subject Examples
Jesters of Cavorting solemn renounce
Fruit of Contesting riddle *Birth of Cage, *Grasp and Houses


id Title Style Subject Examples
Umber Turqoise narrative complaint mining
Boulders of Amethyst mining
Gold ofAmethyst riddle mining
Ape of Lakes light agriculture


id Title Style Subject Examples
Way of Wheels
Wheel of Wanderers
Guilds of Pricing narrative complaint
East Stranger solemn


id Title Style Subject Examples
Skull of Bone light amuse My Friend Dabbler, *Pale Fealties, Winnowers*
Ashen Burial *Dirt Fortells, *Helmet Wart*
Fated Dust satire


id Title Style Subject Examples

general ====

    • Zephyr of Poets (reflective praise)
    • Silken Savant (narrative) egs: *Sets on Luster,
    • Scholars of Silkiness (solemn) egs: You Sang Letters!,
    • Style of Pregnancy (light)
    • Knowledge of Tresses (general) egs: Clasps and the Circle,
    • Lark of Flowers (amuse audience) egs: Confusion*, Creation, Mightiness*, *Hideous Cup*, Wave*, *Weasels,
    • Learned Prophet (general) egs: Cusps, Skinny Cross, *Romantic Candle,
    • Poetic Glitter (light)
    • Queen of Wonder (general) egs: Devourer: It Knows, *Legends,
    • Prophecies of Poetry (dramatic) egs: Dirts and the Ferocious Church, Fiends and the Rainy Strings,
    • Chartreuse Queen (narrative) egs: Doom Laborious,
    • Insightful Orbs (reflective)
    • Embraces of Reasoning (complain subject)
    • Skirt of Sisters (light)
    • Musics of Reticence (light express pleasure)
    • Mindful Suitor (light)
    • Pregnancy of Reticence (riddle)


id Title Style Subject Examples
Accidental Lovers pleasure Quabu
Humble Meditation reflective praise Quabu
Island of Hail riddle Ume
Symmetric Peace narrative plea Quabu
Mellow Butterfly riddle praise Quabu
Clear Sun reflective plea QUabu
Mountainous Paddles riddle pleasure Mame
Peaceful Glens pleasure Quabu
Balance of Stabilizing dramatic Quabu

Music Forms[edit]

id Form Purpose Instruments Vocals Lyrics
Sparkle of Silkiness entertainment lam, morul, tozor
Droplet of Styling entertainment bor, tashem(s), tozor
Sienna Sparkle devotional singer Luxurious Mother
Play of Pregnancies commemorate singer Flutes of Glittering
Vermilion Plays devotional macetha, icala, cacame, mase
Fuchsia Rhythm entertainment totsmab, ungu chanters Musics of Reticence
Pregnant Glosses entertainment nazweng, enthep
Sheen of Bewildering entertainment chanter
Wispy Lace march cilom, nermums(s) speaker Skirt of Sisters
Ghost of Bone devotional (Lomoth) cilom singer Oracular Strategy
Droplet of Lilacs entertainment tusm chanter
Carmine Mother march caretha, olaca(s) chanter Petal of Scribing
Flute of Pantomimes commemorate singer Earthen Mountain
Saffron Pantomime entertainment cadeni chanters any lyric
Rhythmic Lyrics entertainment bebda(s) tekud chanter Legendary Prophecies
Rhythmic Intricacy devotional musod singer
Tenebrous Satin devotional singer The Pristine Abbey
Trumpets of Scintillating entertainment obxog, xuststu chanters any lyric
Intricate Mother devotional chanters
Poem of Bells commemorate singer any selection
97 Lace of Verse commemorate bortu singer Zephyr of Poets
Umber Luxury entertainment chanter The Goldenrod Dawn
Mirth of Luxuries commemorate pob(s), pado
Bride of Mothers devotional tomom(s), egkast
Fragrances of Veneration entertain singer
Umber Skirts commemorate shama, quoshas, cadi singers The Fancy Blossom
Fragrant Rhythm entertain kul singer
The Azure Veneration entertain tashem, kul chanters Tenderness of Suitors
The Carmine Skirts entertainment singer
The Embraced Tresses devotional tulo, uzur
The Fabulous Phrase entertainment chanter
The Glittery Luxuries devotional budo, quoshas, bortu
The Incense of Sweetness entertain obxog, xuststu singer
The Mellow Humility devotional) chanter, bortu, gibam, sloro
The Pantomime of Glossing march ciro, xubkib, issok singer
The Pregnant Rhyme march tomsu
The Queen of Wisps march mor, gamil chanters The Mindful Suitor
The Rhythmic Larks march quoshas, cadi singer
The Russet Flute entertainment stivut, dimshas, liruk
The Satiny Cardinal Blossoms commemorate chanter
Rhymes of Playing march sponsmost speaker any lyric
The Sable Drums entertainment firili speaker
The Satiny Cardinal Blossom commemorate chanter
The Scintillating Music entertainment hustra speaker Knowledge of Tresses
The Styles of Intricacy entertainment ado(s), nonu
The Suitor of Lilacs entertainment chanter
The Tone of Pantomimes entertainment betca(s), uda chanter Sunny Eagle
Pregnant Prophecy
  • Instruments
    • Played: cadi, bortu[id#232], shama, lam, nermum, ostu, obxog
    • Required: quoshas, kul, tashem+kan, tulo+uzur, obxog+xuststu, tomsu, tusm, cilom, nermum, totsmab+ungu, sponsmost, cadeni, lam, morul, tozor, bor, bebda, tekud, macetha, icala, cacame, mase, budo, gibam, sloro, nazweng, enthep, mor, gamil, hustra, ado, nonu, pob, pado, ciro, xubkib, issok, tomom, egkast
    • Stationary: quoshas, kul, tomsu, tusm, cilom, ungu, tozor, sloro


id Form Participants Purpose Music
Fragrant Tresses group perform The Azure Veneration
Luxury of Gloss solo perform Fuchsia Rhythm
Cerulean Lutes solo perform The Styles of Intricacy
Laconic Song partner perform Wispy Lace
Fragrant Festival solo perform Droplet of Lilacs
Fragrances of Scintillating group perform Rhythmic Lyrics
Songs of Glittering solo perform The Incense of Sweetness
Pantomimes of Venerating solo social The Carmine Skirts
Cyclopean Lyrics group perform The Rhythmic Lyrics
Mauve Satins group perform Mirth of Luxuries
Wisps of Poetry solo perform "Rusts and Nothing More"
Saturnity of Brides solo perform Poem of Bells
Goldenrod Style group perform Poem of Bells
Cyclopean Poem partner perform Poem of Bells
Tressed Silks solo perform Pantomime of Glossing
Flowery Play partner perform Rhythmic Lyrics
Beige Droplet group perform Poem of Bells
The Adorable Couple group war Flute of Pantomimes
The Adorable Lutes group participation Rhythmic Lyrics
The Adorable Velvet group war The Sable Drums
The Amethyst of Satin solo sacred Intricate Mother
The Aquamarine Musics solo sacred Tenebrous Satin
The Berries of Dancing solo celebrate Play of Pregnancies
The Blossom of Embracing group war The Queen of Wisps
The Brides of Tweeting group participation Rhythmic Lyrics
The Cerulean Song solo celebrate Earthen Mountain
The Cyclopean Sweetnesses solo sacred Rhythmic Intricacy (req chanter, musod)
The Dead of Bone solo sacred Ghost of Bone
The Embraced Quiescence group war The Satiny Cardinal Blossom
The Euphoria of Aquamarines group war The Queen of Wisps
The Euphoric Droplet group participation Rhythmic Lyrics
The Festival of Plays group social Droplet of Styling
The Lace of Songs solo perform The Sable Drums
The Larks of Quiescence partner social Umber Luxury
The Luxury of Wisps group perform Poem of Bells
The Meandering Periwinkle group war The Pregnant Rhyme
The Meandering Wonders group participation Sparkle of Silkiness
The Music of Aquamarines group social Trumpets of Scintillating
The Pantomime of Cherishing group war Rhymes of Playing
The Pantomime of Quiescence group war Lace of Verse
The Poem of Periwinkles solo sacred The Sienna Sparkle
The Poet of Tulips solo sacred Vermilion Plays
The Queen of Styling group war Lace of Verse
The Saturnity of Lace group celebration Flute of Pantomimes
The Sensual Fuchsia Incense partner performance Pregnant Prophecy
The Song of Glittering solo sacred Bride of Mothers
The Sparkles of Lace group social Sheen of Bewildering
The Styles of Lathering solo sacred The Embraced Tresses
The Sweet Satin group war Carmine Mother
The Zephyr of Bewildering group social The Fabulous Phrase


  • The Subtle Glows: Choreography - Fragrant Tresses
  • Horn: Surely Nothing Happens: Poetry - Lark of Flowers
  • We See Combination: Poetry - Droplet of Knowing
  • The Climates and Anguish: Music - Lace of Verse
    • The Birth of Brand: Lyrics - Zephyr of Poets
  • Spring: Music - Lace of Verse
    • And I Sang "Ring"!: Lyrics - Zephyr of Poets
  • Pranks: The Night Weeps: Music - Fragrances of Veneration
  • Charity: Nobody Can Say: Music - Rhythmic Intricacy
    • The Birth of Cream: Lyrics - Glens of Autumn
  • Complexity and the Bloody Rippers: Music - Umber Luxury
  • Surely The Fool Laughs: Music - Fragrances of Veneration
    • Spring Aquamarine: Lyrics - Island of Hail
  • The Birth of Plots: Poetry - Grizzly Hawk
  • And He Sang "Defenders"!: Poetry - Skull of Bone
  • Moist Blight: Poetry - Droplet of Knowing
  • We See Spike: Choreography - Songs of Glittering
  • Lightnings and Depressions: Poetry - Amethyst Larks
  • Treason and Nothing More: Music - Flutes of Pantomimes
    • Socketed Leisure: Lyrics - Earthen Mountain
  • Whiskers and the Strapping Berries: Choreography - Saturnity of Lace
  • Assembly and the Hopeful Thrower: Choreography - Laconic Song
    • Hatchets and Nothing More: Music - Wispy Lace
      • Beard Ever Onward: Lyrics - Skirt of Sisters
  • The Stinky Flash: Music - Lace of Verse
    • Saviors: Slowly The Sands Mourn There: Lyrics - Zephyr of Poets
  • The Birth of Creek: Ashen Burial
  • Aches: Fated Dust
  • Mastery: Then The Sea Mourns: Poetry - Euphoric Silks
  • Confederacies and the Diminishment: Choreography Laconic Song
    • We See Braid: Music - Wispy Lace
      • The Scaly Cudgel: Lyrics - Skirt of Sisters
  • Pokers and the Worthless Butcher: Choreography - Luxury of Gloss
    • Legends: Music - Fushcia Rhythm
      • Oily Eagle and Oblivions: Lyrics - Musics of Reticence
  • Bitterness: Poetry - Watchful Prophet
  • The Fist and Profanity: Choreography - Fragrant Festival
    • Trifle and the Trim Stability: Music - Droplet of Lilacs
      • We See Hex: Lyrics - Tulips of Smiling
      • Prestige and the Bulwark: Lyrics - Euphoric Silks
  • Abatement Disloyal: Choreography - Cyclopean Poem
    • Creature: Slowly The Day Foretells There: Music - Poem of Bells
      • The New Nobles: Lyrics - Queen of Wonder
      • My Friend Dominions: Lyrics - Amethyst Larks
      • Funerals: Lyrics - Queen of Wonder
  • We See Fleas: Choreography - Beige Droplet
    • Sorcerer and the Dwelling: Music - Poem of Bells
      • The Sea Will Tell: Lyrics - Queen of Wonder
      • Only The Day Knows Afterward: Lyrics - Amethyst Larks
      • The Birth of Scorn: Lyrics - Queen of Wonder
  • The Blockaded Quietness and Silk: Music - Rhymes of Playing
    • Controls and the Sick Bulwarks: Lyrics - Guilds of Pricing
    • Birth of Portal: Lyrics - Droplet of Knowing
  • The Sun Sets on Gluttons: Music - Saffron Pantomime
    • Intensity and the Insightful Dive: Lyrics - Pregnancy of Reticence
    • We See Iron: Lyrics - Silken Savant
  • The Birth of Mud: Music - Trumpets of Scintillating
    • Clinch and Nothing More: Lyrics - Prophecies of Poetry
    • Birth of Watches: Lyrics - Guilds of Pricing
    • Failed Lull and Anguish: Lyrics - Guilds of Pricing
    • Dents and Enchantments: Lyrics - Droplet of Knowing
  • Sun Sets on Boot: Music - Sparkle of Silkiness
  • The Sun Sets on Riders: Music - Rhythmic Lyrics
    • Decorum: Then The Sands Laugh: Lyrics - Legendary Prophecies
  • Pine Ruthless: Music - Intricate Mother
  • Tightnesses: The Wind Will Tell: Music - Droplet of Styling
  • My Friend Enchantments: Music - Sienna Sparkle
    • Harshness and the Depression: Lyrics - Luxurious Mother
  • Lance and Comedy: Music - Sheen of Bewildering
  • Maligned Spring: Music - Flute of Pantomimes
    • Crazy Creation: Lyrics - Earthen Mountain
  • My Friend Poets: Music - Flute of Pantomimes
  • The Fondled Pulps and Hurricane: Music - Mellow Humility
  • Jaundiced Murk: Music - Sheen of Bewildering
  • Acts and the Considerate Apogee: Music - Lace of Verse
  • My Friend Lard: Music - Vermillion Plays
  • The Sun Sets on Order: Music - The Satiny Cardinal Blossom
  • Future Ever Onward: Choreography - Luxury of Gloss
  • Rainy Wanderers: Music - Rhythmic Lyrics
    • It Must Have Been Law: Lyrics - Legendary Prophecies
  • Words: Poetry - Legendary Prophecies
  • Chunks: Choreography - Fragrance of Scintillating
    • Veneration: Music - Rhythmic Lyrics
      • Oily Bugs and Kin: Lyrics - Legendary Prophecies

Re: Werebeast raws[edit]

I disabled compressed saves in init.txt, then generated a new world, opened world.dat with text editor, and rewritten the raws to a text file by hand, since it wasn't possible for me to copy-and-paste the whole thing. So you may find a few typos in what I have written, but this shouldn't make much a difference. ~ TheCrazyHamsteR (talk) 21:49, 20 August 2017 (UTC)