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This article is about an older version of DF.
Are you looking to reclaim a lost fort? You may want to look at Reclaim fortress mode.

Reclaim is the opposite of forbid. Reclaiming an item allows it to be used by your dwarves. It's needed to use items found when you reclaim a fortress or build a fort near an existing settlement, as all items are automatically forbidden when you arrive. It is also used for recovering other automatically forbidden items, such as those dropped by dead goblins.

Reclaiming objects[edit]

To reclaim individual items, press k to view the item and f to toggle its forbid status.

You may also use the reclaim designation to reclaim all forbidden items in an area by using d-b-c and tracing the designation over top of the objects with either the keyboard or mouse.

You can also go into the Stocks screen, highlight the entry for your chosen item, and press f to toggle its forbid status. This is mostly useful for forbidding and reclaiming categories of items, like locking out cheap stone during a strange mood and then reactivating it afterwards.