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  • Found within gypsum as small clusters
  • Found within satinspar as individual tiles
  • Found within alabaster as individual tiles
  • Found within selenite as individual tiles
Fire-safe Magma-safe

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Anhydrite is a magma-safe stone of base value that is only found within various types of gypsum. In real life, anhydrite is essentially dehydrated gypsum, and on contact with water will immediately hydrate and soften; however in Dwarf Fortress, anhydrite floodgates are just as effective as floodgates made from granite. Oddly, unlike the gypsum in which it occurs, anhydrite cannot be used to make gypsum plaster.


Due to an error in the raw parsing code, the game attempts to generate anhydrite as single tiles within gypsum and as small clusters within selenite. This can be fixed by editing the ENVIRONMENT_SPEC tokens in the raws and reversing the order of the stone names. (Bug:1429)