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v0.34:Captured live fish

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This article is about an older version of DF.

A captured live fish is caught using the "capture live fish" command given at a fishery. A dwarf with the fishing labor will then attempt to catch a fish live using an available animal trap. The fish will then be placed into an available aquarium. Unlike normal fishing, which will be done at any suitable location, the "capture live fish" command will only capture fish from an explicitly designated fishing zone.

Captured turtles and moghoppers can be used as pets. However, a captured moghopper is also used to make five units of mog juice using the fishery's "extract from live fish" command as well as being a pet candidate. This extract can be used for cooking and trading.

This task will wait for an available animal trap forever, occupying a fishery when none are available. While the fishery waits, fish cleaners cannot perform their automatic task of preparing raw fish.

Note: A constructed trap can not be used unless it is deconstructed. (q->x).