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This article is about an older version of DF.

Sites are inhabited locations found on regions tile adjacent to at least one non-mountain land biome. These include settlements of any civilization, and caves habitable by named creatures. The type of site will be represented on maps in any mode with a tile that replaces the region tile. In adventure mode, the site becomes the default arrival location for travel to that region tile. Sites acquire a history that can be viewed in Legends mode.

Site Types[edit]

Dwarf Fortresses[edit]

During the embark phase of Fortress Mode, sites can be seen in region and local views. Some site types can be included in the embark region namely caves or previous player fortresses (Reclaim). Embarking on settlements is disabled. On embarking, the fortress becomes a site of the size and location chosen.

Abandoned fortresses are displayed on the map as Ruins.

Absent Sites[edit]

In the current version, non-human civilizations only exist in an abstract way, affecting world-gen and some post-world-gen functions but without sites physically existing in the world. Because of this, (non-player) Dwarf Fortresses, Elven Retreats and Dark Fortresses can't be visited in Adventure Mode, even though they'll still show up on maps.

Toady has confirmed that sites will be in the next release after 0.34.11


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