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This article is about an older version of DF.

Creatures with the TRAPAVOID token cannot be affected by normal traps, and do not set off pressure plates. By ignoring a large part of some players' defenses, such creatures can be difficult to deal with.

Common trap avoiders[edit]

Trapping trapavoiders[edit]

Despite the difficulty in trapping trapavoiders, it's not necessary to rely on your military to defeat them. Several special trapping techniques can be used instead.

Spike trap[edit]

Retracting spike traps can be used against trapavoiders as easily as against any other creature. Of course, such traps need to be triggered somehow, either by lever, or by a repeater of some sort. (Any other manually triggerable trap design can be used instead.)

Web or loss of consciousness[edit]

Trapavoiders become vulnerable to traditional traps when they are webbed or unconscious. One can take advantage of this, usually to cage the uncageable, by building traps in a silk farm or by building a constructed floor on top of a support and surrounding the area under it with traditional traps-- what is known as a cave-in trap.

Trap by rule-out[edit]

The very fact that trapavoiders are unable to set off pressure plates allows one to build special traps to catch trapavoiders. By building a pressure plate set to be triggered by all weights, including civilians, you can be relatively certain that anything that doesn't set off the pressure plate is a trapavoider. Designs based around this concept can route civilians and trap-vulnerable creatures one way, and divert everything that doesn't trigger the pressure plate through another corridor-- perhaps one filled with retracting spikes connected to a repeater.