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This article is about an older version of DF.

In Legends Mode, pressing the p (Export Map/Gen information) will create three files in the root directory of DF, one of those files is the World Sites file named (save name)-world_sites_and_pops.txt.

File Breakdown[edit]

Below the history file will be explained in detail, using portions from an example file to show all of the possibilities.

World Population[edit]

At the top of the file the text "Civilized World Population" appears with a listing of the total population of "civilized" beings:

Civilized World Population

	20499 Dwarves
	11742 Humans
	14187 Elves
	150 Goblins
	575 Kobolds

	Total: 47153


Following is a list of all of the sites in the world, they can appear in a few different varieties, some examples:

A site controlled by an entity belonging to a civilization:

1: R lidsimo Gumsekemus, "Strangleechoes the Wretched Delight", cave
	Owner: Jibigiseekis, kobolds
	Parent Civ: Japlolbus, kobolds
	288 kobolds

A site controlled by an entity (which is referred to as a parent civ in other cases), and listing a leader located at that site.

37: Karaboshkuc, "Heatedcruxes", fortress
	Owner: The Autonomous Confederacy, humans
	law-giver: Sabu Yawntusks, human
	1 tortoise demon prisoner

A site not controlled by any entity, simply listing various creates living there.

6: Ilasavuz, "The Absolute Mine", cave
	1 giant bat
	2 trolls
	312 bats
	395 cave swallows
	453 cave spiders

A site listed as an "important location" without a proper name, without any inhabitants

2929: kobold, "Dashedstake", important location

Outdoor Animal Populations[edit]

Following the site listing, there is a list of Outdoor animal populations:

Outdoor Animal Populations (Including Undead)
	9060 merpeople
	28388 sperm whale men
	18120 giant orcas
	(many more lines)

Underground Animal Populations[edit]

Following the site listing, there is a list of Underground animal populations:

Underground Animal Populations (Including Undead)
	11284 gorlaks
	11270 trolls
	7123 giant cave spiders
	5001 giant rats
	(many more lines)

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