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World Sites file

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

In Legends Mode, pressing the p (Export Map/Gen information) will create three files in the root directory of DF, one of those files is the World Sites file named (save name)-world_sites_and_pops.txt.

File Breakdown[edit]

Below, the history file will be explained in detail, using portions from an example file to show all of the possibilities.

Civilized World Population[edit]

At the top of the file, the text "Civilized World Population" appears with a listing of the total population of "civilized" beings:

Civilized World Population

	20499 Dwarves
	11742 Humans
	14187 Elves
	150 Goblins
	575 Kobolds

	Total: 47153


Following is a list of all of the sites in the world; they can appear in a few different varieties, some examples:

A site controlled by an entity belonging to a civilization:

1: R lidsimo Gumsekemus, "Strangleechoes the Wretched Delight", cave
	Owner: Jibigiseekis, kobolds
	Parent Civ: Japlolbus, kobolds
	288 kobolds

A site controlled by an entity (which is referred to as a parent civ in other cases), and listing a leader located at that site.

37: Karaboshkuc, "Heatedcruxes", fortress
	Owner: The Autonomous Confederacy, humans
	law-giver: Sabu Yawntusks, human
	1 tortoise demon prisoner

A site not controlled by any entity, simply listing various creatures living there.

6: Ilasavuz, "The Absolute Mine", cave
	1 giant bat
	2 trolls
	312 bats
	395 cave swallows
	453 cave spiders

A site listed as an "important location" without a proper name, without any inhabitants

2929: kobold, "Dashedstake", important location

Outdoor/Underground Animal Populations[edit]

Following the site listing, there is a list of outdoor and underground animal populations:

Outdoor Animal Populations (Including Undead)
	9060 merpeople
	28388 sperm whale men
	18120 giant orcas
	(many more lines)

Underground Animal Populations (Including Undead)
	11284 gorlaks
	11270 trolls
	7123 giant cave spiders
	5001 giant rats
	(many more lines)

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