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"Boatmurdered" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: Koganusân
Elven: Efeyerathi
Goblin: Usaspustol
Human: Letogulgud

Boatmurdered was a succession game of Dwarf Fortress on the Something Awful forums from 2007, beginning in version and presumably finishing in version From this spawned an epic tale, incorporating hordes of belligerent dwarf-eating elephants, floods of biblical proportions, flaming puppies, and more hilarious pranks. After many goblin raiders and elven traders were fried with floods of lava, there was a brief period of tranquility. Then one of the last few dwarves, unhappy from the recent defacement of a masterwork engraving, caught fire and started a fist fight with another dwarf (setting it on fire too), causing a tantrum and insanity spiral that eventually destroyed the whole fortress. To be fair, she'd given plenty of warnings that she was becoming unhinged, such as attempting to drink from the magma river and making numerous engravings depicting dwarves on fire, elephants killing dwarves, and a carving of a carving of cheese. How many other fortresses manage to create artifact caskets?

The entire saga can be read online, or downloaded to read offline in PDF format. As the editor says, the madness surrounding Boatmurdered speaks for itself. Be warned: the language contained within can cause necrosis of the ears, and should be avoided by children, the stunningly susceptible to disease, kittens, and other worthless disease spreaders.


The saga can also be heard as a narrated tale, with screenshots and fan art.

There was also an animation of Boatmurdered being made by LavaLevel, but the project was cancelled. The forum thread is still available if you want to see the progress which was made.