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This article is about the current version of DF.

Every fortress has a name. Sometimes you forget what that name is. If you are playing in Fortress Mode, press z to look at your status screen. The name of your fortress should be displayed at the top left part of the screen.

You can choose the name of your own fortress during the Embark process. When you reach the stage where you are deciding on your founder's skills and starting items, press Shift+F to choose your fortress name. You will be given a semi-random name automatically. Fortress names are often compounds of two dwarven words. You may craft a more elaborate fortress name than what's made by the name generator.

Custom names[edit]

Custom names have no effect on gameplay, but there are a lot of options in this menu (accessible by pressing F on the Prepare Carefully screen). You can also set the name of the expedition, which uses the same interface.

Fortress names have this format:

[Front][Rear] the [Adj 1] [Adj 2] [hyphen compound]-["the" Noun] of ["of" noun]

The front compound forms the first half of your fortress's name. Choose from an extremely long list of words. Press c to clear a word selection--your fortress does not need ANY of these words to be chosen (i.e. a blank name) to be legal. Press e to search for a word (in English), works just like the provisions search. Hitting enter will move from the type back to the search results.

The rear compound forms the second half of your fortress's name, which is combined with no spaces (Foobar instead of Foo Bar).

Adjectives, at first glance, it appears these do nothing, but they give up to two words after your compound word (above) separated by spaces that are the adjectives to The X or Of X word choice (see below).

The hyphen command adds a third word joined by a hyphen to your The X or Of X word:

  • Foobar the Great
  • Foobar of Death

With Adjectives and Hyphen compound:

  • Foobar the Great Moral Thraal-Generals
  • Foobar the Goblin-Chunks of Exploding

With no front & rear compounds:

  • The Great Deadly Foobar
  • The Foobar of Foobars
  • Of Foobars
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Dwarven: geshud kab
Elvish: abeco sofi
Goblin: snusp osnuk
Human: thrathdad ucim