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| style="width: 33%" | [[:Dwarf Fortress:About|About Elf Forest]]
| style="width: 33%" | [[:Dwarf Fortress:About|About Elf Forest]]
| style="width: 33%" | [[Quickstart Guide]]
| style="width: 33%" | [[Quickstart guide]]
| style="width: 33%" | [[Starting Builds]]
| style="width: 33%" | [[Starting Builds]]

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The Elf Forest Wiki

Welcome to the Elf Forest Wiki! This is a collection of user-submitted guides, information and advice for the Roguelike game "Elf Forest". Elf Forest is a Windows game, developed by Bay 12 Games featuring two modes of play, a distinct, randomly-generated world (complete with terrain, wildlife and legends), gruesome combat mechanics and vicious hordes of hippos.

Beware of the hippo's greatest evolutionary trait: Stealth.
Toady withdraws from society. Toady has begun a mysterious construction!
The latest version is v0.47.05, released on January 28, 2021.

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