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Room requirements  
Office Photo Studio
Quarters Meager Quarters
Dining room Fully Stocked and Equipped Kitchen
Tomb cremation and composting preferred
Furniture requirements
Chests Domke F2, black
Cabinets 2 LaCie Porsche 250G external HDs
Weapon racks 1 folding handcart
Armor stands Bogen Manfrotto tripod
Mandates None
Demands None
Arrival conditions
(If you don't plan to arrive early, you are planning to arrive late.)
  • Play Dwarf Fortress

Who I am to you, the DF obsessive:

1. I'm one of you. Duh.
2. I am starting to learn to keep a decent military force... After many aborted fortresses and about 8 years into my latest and greatest.
3. I run the game on a MacBook Pro and eventually, it tends to get to be too much even for this relatively recent, relatively powerful computer to handle, and gets so slow I get tired of it and start a new world.
4. My current fortress has lost about 8 dwarves to lack of shells and silk, and 1 to lack of sand. I'm not sure how many dwarves have been imprisoned because I don't have Adamantine, but as yet I don't think anyone has died for this. Beyond that, I think I have almost everything big in my map, including plentiful supplies of flux, magnetite, magma, and bauxite. A friend told me that harvesting tower-caps leaves a random floor material, but as yet, I'm still hoping that I don't get another glass maker in a Mood. Shells are no longer an issue.
5. I have a tame dragon and a tame hydra. I'd really like to have a breeding pair of each. And yes, I breed macaques and I intend to breed mountain goats and gophers.
6. Apparently, the King wants more roads. He wants more offerings, too, but that's probably because dwarven traders didn't come to my Fortress for about 6 or 7 years (well, one time they came and were INSTANTLY ambushed.)
7. I try to produce every growable crop, and yes, that means I have giant tower-cap farms.
8. I haven't yet played with editing the raws. If I did, I'd just invent more things to make, grow, breed, sell...
9. My last fortress had a wicked cool artificial waterfall, but it only ran for a brief time. I'm close to starting a waterfall in my present Fortress. It should run in perpetuity, but it will be a lot less ambitious in scope.

--wattj 18:19, 28 January 2009 (EST)

(Yeah, I stole the sidebar from Kami. Thanks, Kami! --wattj 22:05, 4 February 2009 (EST))