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23a:Bituminous coal

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Bituminous coal
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Beyond the chasm

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
You have struck coal!

Bituminous coal, once processed into coke at a smelter, is used to fuel smelters and forges, and to make pig iron and steel.

Each embark region contains only 5 veins of bituminous coal, all located beyond the chasm. Charcoal can be used as a substitute, although this uses up your supply of wood. On maps where trees are scarce, finding coal is critical for metalsmithing.

Using fuel to create fuel (smelting coal at an ordinary smelter) is highly inefficient. Magma smelters do not require fuel, which will allow you to reserve all your coke for the production of steel. Creating two steel bars at an ordinary smelter consumes five units of coke/charcoal, but only two coke/charcoal at a magma smelter.

Bituminous coal is not the same as "charcoal or coke", though it is directly related.

Unlike other ores, mining bituminous coal follows the same rules as mining gems - as such, even a Legendary Miner has a 3/8 chance of yielding nothing when mining out a particular tile.

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