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Room requirements  
Office Decent Office
Quarters Decent Bedroom
Dining room Decent Dining Room
Tomb Tomb
Furniture requirements
Chests 2
Cabinets 1
Weapon racks 1
Armor stands 1
Mandates 1
Demands 2
Arrival conditions
  • Town rank
  • 100,000☼ Created Wealth
  • 10,000☼ Exported wealth
This article is about an older version of DF.

The Baron (or Baroness) arrives with her/his consort, the Hammerer and the Tax collector. The Baron will be promoted to Count once additional conditions are met. Human diplomats (but not guild representatives) will meet with the Baron, rather than the mayor.

Right after your fortress and the surrounding lands become a Barony, the Baron will arrive.

Currently, this does not have any known consequences, but it occurs at the same time the tax collector and the hammerer arrive, so you may prepare for economy and more justice.

Appointed Nobles
Elected Nobles