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This article is about an older version of DF.

Nobles are good for nothing piles of turd dwarves that do pretty much nothing, except for demanding everything have "special duties" in addition to or instead of the duties of normal dwarves. Some nobles also have various privileges that normal dwarves do not, and will demand certain accommodations, like a better office.

Settings specific to each noble can be set on the Nobles & Administrators Screen, accessible via the n key.

Appointed Nobles[edit]

These are nobles that rise from your body of existing dwarves. With the exception of the Leader/Mayor, you can appoint or replace any at any time through the nobles & administrators screen.

See main articles for more information in all cases.

Expedition Leader / Mayor[edit]

Listens to the complaints of other dwarves to make them happier. Uses social skills. Needs an office in order to meet with outpost liaisons. It is not possible to reassign this post – at least while the original holder of the title remains alive. Your initial expedition leader is automatically chosen for you before the game starts based largely on administrative and social skills. A starting dwarf given just Novice level in appraisal is usually selected for this job, and additional, similar skills almost ensure it 100%.

You can only appoint a new Expedition Leader if your original is slain. If you do not choose a new one, a random dwarf will be semi-randomly selected for the job after about half a season.

Automatically promoted from expedition leader at 50 dwarves. Unlike the expedition leader, he requires decent housing and will make mandates. The position of mayor is up for election every couple of years, but the existing mayor can be re-elected. This election is apparently influenced heavily by the number of friends your dwarves have at the time of the election, and can sometimes result in non-optimal selections (mayors with no appropriate skills whatsoever elected over well-qualified candidates), but the process is not completely understood (just like the real world!).


Utilizes the appraiser skill and social skills. Is the person you send to the Trade depot to do your trading. Lets you see the imported/exported wealth of your fortress.
Broker changes title according to the status of your fortress.


Utilizes the organizer skill. Allows the use of item build queues through the jobs -> manager screen. Will need an office to do this (validating work orders) once your fortress has twenty dwarves.
Changes title according to the status of your fortress.


Utilizes the record keeper skill. Lets you see the stocks of your fortress. Needs to do occasional jobs in an office of their own if you want precise stock keeping: otherwise, stock numbers will only be precise to one significant figure (e.g., 7163 -> 7000, 7823 -> 8000).

The same office can be used to both take stock and to approve work orders, for both the bookkeeper and the manager, early it is fine to have these two responsibilities shared by the same dwarf, saving on real estate and decorating costs in the early game. Later though as your fort increases you may want to separate them so bookkeeping isn't taking your manager's time.


You may choose a dwarf to become the Sheriff after your fortress reaches a population of 20.

Immigrant Nobles[edit]

These nobles appear in immigration waves and can never be appointed or replaced* by the player.

(* unless the player arranges for an unfortunate accident.)

See main articles for more information in all cases.

King / Queen[edit]

Ruler of your parent civilization and upgrades your fort to Mountainhome. Will usually arrive with an entourage...

Royal Consort[edit]

Occasionally same gender as the King, although this has been fixed in the dev log.


Arrives with the King's entourage.


Arrives at 80 dwarves and an unverified exported wealth.

Baron(ess) Consort[edit]

Arrives with the Baron(ess).

Duke / Duchess[edit]

Duke/Duchess Consort[edit]


Count(ess) Consort[edit]

Dungeon master[edit]

Trains and cares for animals and performs miscellaneous metalsmithing tasks.


He or she will enforce the law with a mighty hammer. Arrives with the Baron.


Has no labor options turned on, but has no requirements and makes no mandates. He is basically a child who is "wise."

Tax collector[edit]

Arrives either at 80 dwarves or with the Baron (equivalent).

Room Requirements[edit]

The nobles require various rooms assigned to them. If you're running out of time and your noble is starting to get angry, here are some tips on increasing the value of the room quickly. As a quick reference, here is a summary of those rooms:

Noble Quarters Dining Room Office Tomb
Advisor Great Bedroom Great Dining Room Throne Room
Baron(ess) Decent Bedroom Decent Dining Room Decent Office Tomb
Baron(ess)'s consort Decent Bedroom Decent Dining Room Tomb
Bookkeeper Meager Office
Captain of the guard Quarters Dining Room Office
Count(ess) Great Bedroom Great Dining Room Throne Room Mausoleum
Count consort Great Bedroom Great Dining Room Mausoleum
Duke Grand Bedroom Grand Dining Room Opulent Throne Room Grand Mausoleum
Duke Consort Grand Bedroom Grand Dining Room Grand Mausoleum
Dungeon Master Quarters Dining Room Office Burial Chamber
Hammerer Modest Quarters Dining Room
King/Queen Royal Bedroom Royal Dining Room Royal Throne Room Royal Mausoleum
King/Queen Consort Royal Quarters Royal Dining Room Royal Mausoleum
Manager Meager Office
Mayor Decent Quarters Decent Dining Room Decent Office
Sheriff Modest Quarters Modest Dining Room Modest Office
Tax Collector Modest Quarters Modest Dining Room Office

Meager Offices[edit]

The easiest way to give dwarves a meager office is simply to assign them a single seat in your communal dining room, making the designated "office" 1-tile large.

Noble Spouses[edit]

It may be worth assigning an empty noble position to the spouse of another noble, so that they'll share the grand bedroom and then you don't have to build one for each.