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Profession Engineer
Job Title Mechanic
Labor Mechanics
  • Construct Mechanisms
  • Machine construction
  • Trap construction
  • Link up lever/pressure plate
  • Load Trap

Mechanic's workshop

This article is about an older version of DF.

A mechanic is a dwarf with a degree of experience in the mechanics skill. In the game's default configuration mechanics are represented by a red civilian dwarf symbol. A dwarf with the mechanics labor enabled is capable of constructing mechanic's workshops, manufacturing mechanisms and placing any buildings that require mechanisms such as levers, gears, traps, and menacing spikes. They are also responsible for linking up levers or pressure plates to objects such as bridges, floodgates and other contraptions.

A dwarf will gain mechanics skill by manufacturing mechanisms in the mechanic's workshop. A dwarf with a high skill in mechanics will typically produce higher quality mechanisms, and can link up objects faster than a novice.

Building a mechanism at the mechanic's workshop is worth 30 experience. Mechanics also gain 30 experience from reloading any traps that require reloading of any sort.

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