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40d:Quarry bush

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Quarry bush
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Rock nuts ·
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Wet Dry
Edible No
Cookable No
Alcohol None
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This article is about an older version of DF.

The quarry bush is one of the six known subterranean crops, and as such it may only be grown underground. Quarry bush seeds are known as rock nuts. They can be planted in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Quarry bushes may be processed at a farmer's workshop into bags of quarry bush leaves, which then must be cooked at the kitchen to be edible. You will need an empty bag to be available for this task.

Processing quarry bushes at a farmer's workshop will produce 5 quarry bush leaves (and one rock nut) for every plant in a given stack of quarry bushes. Processing one bush will require one bag and can yield 5 leaves from each plant in stack. Quarry bush leaves will be removed from their bag if taken for cooking while still in a farmer's workshop. Out of a bag, they appear as . With fertilizer and exceptionally good luck, cooking quarry bush leaves can result in up to 200 meals in a single stack of Prepared Food, thus saving space and barrels. In a fortress that relies on selling large expensive stacks of Prepared Food, quarry bush leaves are great filler: a lavish meal made from whip wine and dwarven cheese with two stacks of quarry bush leaves for filler is worth almost ten times more than an easy meal made from wine and cheese alone.

Rock nuts may be purchased on embark.

Quarry bushes cannot be brewed into alcohol.

  • Grow time: 500
  • Plant value: 4
  • Leaf value: 5
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn
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Much debate exists amongst dwarven scholars as to why the quarry bush, which never sees the light of the sun, should grow leaves. While many of them have ultimately written the question off as unanswerable, some strange few have claimed that the bush is proof that they are nothing more than automata in a simulation of dwarven living, and that one of the mysterious controllers is dropping not-so-subtle hints like the quarry bush that there is another reality beyond the one all dwarves experience. Unfortunately, said dwarves all too often have shortened lifespans as contemplating such great mysteries generally leads to melancholy or other madness. For the more bright dwarven scholars the matter is easier: The bush has evolved from a surface plant into a subterranean plant and simply kept its leaves.

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