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This article is about an older version of DF.
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Bookcases are furniture used in libraries to store written books. They are built using Alt+c.

Bookcases can be crafted from 1 log in the carpenter's workshop, 2 bars in the metalsmith's forge, 1 bag of sand in the glass furnace, or 1 stone in the craftsdwarf's workshop. A rock bookcase can also be crafted at a mason's workshop, but it still requires the stonecrafting skill. Bookcases are stockpiled in furniture stockpiles under "Other Large Tools".

It is not easy to find how many books a bookcase will hold (codices do not have a fixed size). A bookcase should be capable of between 200 and 500 codices, so not many bookcases are needed for small libraries. A single bookcase can hold 500 scrolls or 1,000 quires.