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DF2014:Paper industry

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This article is about an older version of DF.
Wood Carver working on a codex

The paper industry deals with the creation and processing of paper sheets, and further processing into quires and scrolls.


There are three major ways to create paper for books and scrolls - each depending on a different raw material.

The finished sheets can be stored in their own stockpile.

Raw materials[edit]

The raw materials that can be used:


The method, workshops, and labors required to process a material into sheets depends on the type of material.


Papyrus can be directly made into sheets at a farmer's workshop, using the Papermaking labor.

Paper industry overview


Processing animal hides is more complex; you need to produce quicklime from calcium carbonate stones at a kiln, then process the quicklime to milk of lime at an ashery. Finally, the hide and milk of lime are used in a tanner's shop using the tanning labor to create a parchment sheet. For each sheet of parchment, 1 hide is needed, disregarding the size of the original animal.

If the hide is from a cow, it's called "vellum sheet", otherwise it will take on the name of the animal (i.e. pig parchment sheet, sheep parchment sheet).

Plant fibers[edit]

Cloth plants are mashed to slurry with a constructed millstone or quern, then pressed to a sheet in a screw press. Both processes use the Papermaking labor.

Finished goods[edit]

The sheets can then be further processed into finished goods.


1 sheet of paper can be crafted into 1 quire at a craftsdwarf's workshop, using the Bookbinding labor.


After a quire has been filled with text, it can be crafted into a codex at a craftsdwarf's workshop using the Bookbinding labor - scrolls cannot be made into codices. This requires 1 quire, 1 book binding and 1 unused thread. Animal hair thread can be used for this purpose.


1 sheet of paper can be combined with 1 scroll roller at a craftsdwarf's workshop to create a scroll using the Bookbinding labor.

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