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Metalsmith's forge

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Metalsmith's forge

Shortcut: b-o-i

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Job Requirement
Materials Labors
Materials Used
Goods Created
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Not to be confused with Magma forge.
The lack of height helps him focus.

The metalsmith's forge is a workshop used by dwarves to turn metal bars into useful objects such as weapons, armor, furniture, coins, ammunition for siege equipment and crossbows, trap components, and other finished goods. Depending on the generated world, musical instrument components may or may not be built here. To build a forge, you must have fire-safe materials and an anvil. Every use of the forge, except for studding, consumes one unit of fuel (coke or charcoal).

Note that the anvil used to build a metalsmith's forge does need to be fire-safe—normally anvils can only be made from fire-safe materials, but strange moods can create artifact anvils out of metals like tin, which are entirely unusable.

Workshop labors and skills[edit]

All metallic end products are created at a metalsmith's forge, using four of the five metalsmithing skills (the exception being smelting):

Cost of Items[edit]

The cost of a weapon or piece of armor in metal bars can be calculated by using material size/3 and rounding down, with no item costing less than one metal bar. The exception to this is some types of finished goods, which are created in different multiples from a single metal bar, depending on the skill of the Metal crafter. The table on the Melt item page lists the cost of common items and their yields when melted.


To create differently sized armor for non-dwarf residents, request it to be made from the workshop as usual. Afterwards, go back to the main workshop menu and look at the details of the issued job. filter for the race you want to make the item for and press enter twice.

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