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Region 2, Dumatdodók, "Roughnessclasp"[edit]

Settled by The Cloudy Salves
Created wealth 452,441
Population 94 dwarves

156 animals

Deaths 18 dwarves

6 dogs

Nobles Dungeon Master (surface river)
Military 11 Marksdwarves

After running out of food due to not assigning crops to be grown, I set this fortress aside to start Region 3 rather than watch everyone chase rodents and starve. Later returned to it with more expertise, got food from a caravan, and managed a full recovery. Still have the in-progress save game, but stopped playing it after losing substantial progress (city walls) to a crash.



  • First legendary miner, Domas Dastotganad
  • First legendary mason, Îton Momuzimik
  • Pair of legendary bone carvers, Urist Inethnulral and Goden Sazirzatam

Noteworthy Occurrences[edit]