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You may be looking for general information on tilesets, tileset repository or graphics set repository.


Note: the snapshot version is out of date.

In addition to the raw images and text data, a snapshot of the actual gfx/char tilesets that I am using is now available at here for download. All the files are the actual files I'm using for the game at the time of taking the snapshot, so it should be ready for direct use.

Read Me[edit]

  • This section is outdated
  • I've been sparse with the manual installation instructions, as I assume that the reader knows the basics of fiddling with custom gfx tiles. The basic instructions are shown on the wiki page on tilesets as well as in several forum posts by helpful individuals (which should be stickied, or at least have the content copied over to the wiki). {TODO: put links to forum posts here?} If you really don't feel like putting in the effort, I think there are several nice compilations that are easier to install, which packs the actual BMP and TXT files nicely in an archive which you can just replace the entire raw/graphics in DF directory.
  • The text data for the gfx tile pages are usually stored on wiki page of the image itself (just click on a tile page image to see the wiki page for that image). If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to previous bullet ;)
  • If you discovered any problems with the image or the text data, please put it down in the Talk Page and I'll fix problems in time.
  • Btw, here's an example of my gfx set working with a new tilset, which is based on SL's tileset (based partially off Guybrush and Flying Mage) with lots of modified elements mainly from Red Jack. I've completely reworked some of the tiles and created some original ones too replace those I can't find one to my liking. See Sample Maps for link.

Recent News[edit]

  • Dwarves : updated to v0.11. Added medical professions. Tilepage dimension by 1 row. -- 13:34, 11 April 2010 (UTC)
  • Added a mini tile page for Elves. 07:21, 9 April 2010 (UTC)
  • River/Lake Creatures : uploaded v1.0. -- 02:14, 28 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Director's Cut : updated to v5.1.
  • Mountain Creatures : updated to v1.1. Corrected the mistake where skeleton and zombie columns are swapped -- 14:08, 26 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Mountain Creatures : uploaded v1.0 -- 08:18, 23 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Dwarves : updated to v0.10. Replaced zombies and skeleton and increased tilepage dimension by 2 rows. -- 04:42, 20 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Fanciful Creatures : uploaded v1.0 -- 05:15, 17 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Character set: updated to v0.4.1. Fixed more engraved wall related problems. Trying out another version of engraved floor. Last one looks horrible. -- 09:02, 14 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Character set: updated to v0.4. Fixed a slight problem with one of the engraved walls among other minor changes. -- 22:05, 13 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Character set: updated to v0.3. Mainly fix terrain which are too bright against trees and made bins appear as separate boxes. -- 11:01, 12 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Finally got my hands dirty with character set. Result is here.
  • Humans : updated to v0.6. Triggered by a visit from a Human Guild Representative whose tile I was lacking, this round of update includes some nobles/admin and default tiles for generic labor. -- 10:05, 3 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Added a mini tile page for Kobolds. -- 09:25, 2 August 2008 (EDT)
  • Added Standard Creatures and updated Dwarves secretly and quietly...
  • Gods... have been missing for almost a month.... some important design work came up which has a tight deadline complicated with some health problems. I have not been able to do any gfx work (can't even find time to play..... *sob*) but I still have some unreleased creature tiles which I'll try to put up by today (if I can sort it out when I take another break).
  • Subterranean Creatures. : uploaded v1.0 -- 10:55, 10 January 2008 (EST)
  • Humans : updated to v0.5, added skeletons. -- 10:21, 5 January 2008 (EST)
  • Domestic Animals : uploaded v1.0. -- 05:02, 5 January 2008 (EST)
  • Tundra Animals : updated to v1.1, fixed an alignment problem for polar bear tiles. -- 03:25, 5 January 2008 (EST)
  • Tundra Animals. : uploaded v1.0 -- 12:50, 4 January 2008 (EST)


(you can skip this part... really)

My Guidelines[edit]

My guidelines in tile pixel art:

  1. Tiles should be distinguishable. Distinguishable != Different (!= means 'not equal', for those who are unfamiliar). Two tiles are different if at least one pixel at the same corresponding position has different value, but that doesn't mean the user can notice the difference when viewing it zoomed out at it's native 16x16 resolution on a 1280x400 window among many other tiles. As much as possible, I try to make my tiles distinguishable, through colors, more distinctive shapes (overlays) etc.
  2. Tiles should be intuitively recognizable. Just because tiles are distinguishable doesn't mean you know what it is without consulting some lookup-table or having to enter view unit mode to get more info. As much as possible, I try to make my tiles such that even if a person is looking at it for the first time, he or she can sort of guess what the tile represents and not be too surprised by the actual thing being represented.
  3. Lastly, as much as possible, tiles should be nice to look at. While this isn't a strict requirement like the previous two, I figure that nice-looking tiles -> nice-looking game -> happy players. I can't say that all my tiles look good (if any, since aesthetics are really subjective), but I try my best.

I may not always satisfy my own guidelines sufficiently all the time, given the large number of tiles that have to be produced for the gfx set to become usable at the basic level, but I keep the guidelines in mind whenever I do new tiles or remake old ones, when I find better ideas, since I AM producing it for my own benefit and use, motivation will lasts as long as I play the game. But since I find the gfx somewhat useful (could be subjective) I decided to start completing the basic tileset and share it, all in the hope of improving the experiences of some of the players/fans of ToadyOne and ThreeToe's amazing work.

If there are suggestions, especially on improving things according to my 3 guidelines (well, number 3 is a little subjective), please add to this page's discussion. But please do understand that this work is first and foremost meant for myself, so I may not (and will probably never) be able to accommodate all requests. But if I find feasible ideas that can be streamlined into my own goals, and that I can find time to do it, I will incorporate them. So please do not feel slighted/offended if I reject some ideas.

What am I up to now?[edit]

  • Up to the neck with work. Stealing a moment to have a little fun. But DF's too addictive for a 'little' fun.


  • As many tiles as I've done, there are still so many more tiles to do to make certain tile pages complete. I'm still using Dystopian Rhetoric tiles myself (those included in DQ) for all those I've not done, as DR is still the most complete set ever (kinda like the MS Arial Unicode among fonts). Only when I started drawing gfx tiles can I truly appreciate just how big the task must have been for DR to put up a complete gfx set. Despite the fact that I'm sort of a "competitor" now in some people's perceptions, my aim is first and foremost trying to improve my own game experience (and hopefully others' too, along the way), and being a long time DR gfx tiles user myself, I have nothing less than utmost appreciation for what he'd done. *salutes*
  • Thought I should place a note here so that it is not forgotten. The default dwarf tile in my present tilepage for dwarves is a direct descendant of Deep Qantas. DQ is great and good looking, (would have been more so in its native resolution which I think is larger than 16x16). The problem I had with DQ was the low contrast and "blurness" in identifying dwarves of different profession. So I started with the default dwarf, kept the general posture/shape and color but gave it an overhaul. Then, I used that as a basis for other professions (many of which borrowed ideas from DQ as well). But dwarves remember and revere their lineage. *salutes*
  • Veryinky well deserves a mention too, for organizing all those gfx tiles in a sensible and modular manner so that it becomes much easier for people (like me) to update/maintain them. The organization is based on the raw files organization of the original game itself, so correspondence for modders is easier (e.g. if people add new creature raw, they can add new creature gfx without disturbing the rest using the same pattern). If it isn't for his organization, I think I would never have gotten the motivation to produce more tiles and make them public (under the pressure that one has to make a whole complete set of tiles for all creatures to "publish" them). *salutes*

Race Sets[edit]

Similar to other Graphics set repository, and discussion other items at DF2010 Talk:Graphics set repository.


Version 0.11


  • (v0.11) Updated for DF 0.31.02. Extended tilepage dimension by 1 row for new medical professions: DOCTOR (0:21), DIAGNOSER (1:21), SURGEON (2:21), BONE_SETTER (3:21), and SUTURER (4:21).
  • (v0.10) Replaced sksleton and zombie tiles for basic military. Extended the tilepage dimension by 2 rows.
  • (v0.9.2) Added new icons for PRIEST(10:6), HIGH_PRIEST(10:7), SLAVE(7:1) and PRISONER(7:2). SHOPKEEPER reuses TRADER icon (8:2)
  • in the last column (column 11), Veryinky's Dystopian Qantas (v0.94) lists them from top down as COUNT, COUNT_CONSORT, BARON, BARON_CONSORT, DUKE, DUKE_CONSORT, KING, KING_CONSORT, which is strange because I thought it would be more natural if it followed an order of increasing rank (but Count is actually higher in rank to Baron). So in my work, I actually swapped position of BARON with COUNT and BARON_CONSORT with COUNT_CONSORT. The text data at the image's page differs from DQ's in this respect as well. But even without changes to text data, it should be fine as there is only one type of baron/count/duke at any point, if most people are like me who can't be bothered to distinguishing such nobles beyond that they are bags of troubles ;)
  • I'm assuming that tile at 9:4 which was previously unreferenced refers to the CAPTAIN_OF_THE_GUARD. This is also recorded in the text data section, which is another area the text data differs from DQ's original.
  • (v0.9.1) After a couple of my guards reach champion status, I realised that they become indistinguishable from the controllable champions in the military. So I specialized them. For uniformity, all champions wear golden armor. Champion Fortress Guards wear red capes. Champion Royal Guards wear purple capes. Captain of the Guard now wears a blue cape. Normal champions stays the same (capeless). Unfortunately, this specialization means that I have to make some changes to DQ's organization. Although a copy of the champion tile is still kept at 0:5 for compatibility with DQ v0.94, the new designated positions for CHAMPION:DEFAULT is 0:12, CHAMPION:GUARD is 0:14 and CHAMPION:ROYALGUARD is 0:16 (occupies the free tile below that of RECRUIT:DEFAULT, RECRUIT:GUARD and RECRUIT:ROYALGUARD. And I'm also keeping the convention of controllable military units faces left, civilians and other non-controllable military units (guards/royal guards) faces right. Hopefully this helps in making it even more distinguishable. If the bitmap is simply copied over an existing DQ installation, it will still work, but you won't get the new champions guard/royal guard. To get them, you have to use the updated text data available on the image's page.

16x16 (targeting 1280x400)[edit]

For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on image below).

Note that this is transparent PNG, to use as BMP, please fill transparent pixels with color #FF00FF (magenta) in some image editing program when doing conversion.

Sphr dwarves.png

12x12 (targeting 960x300)[edit]

Still v0.9. Will not be maintained without special reasons.

Note to self: if transparent PNG support is available, would prob be better if 16x16 tileset is used, but shrinked to 12x12 on runtime if the gfx engine uses linear resampling (GL_LINEAR in openGL?) instead of nearest neighbor. But if gfx engine uses nearest neighbor, then prob better to use image editing program to resample 16x16 to 12x12 using so that the partial transparency can hopefully help preserve the overall recognizability of the tiles and retain the tile-page's utility.

Sphr dwarves 12 12.png
NOTE: Available at List of user graphics sets page in an easier to install form put together by Markavian.

This is automatically shrunk from the 16x16 versions with no manual tweaking. So some tiles may become recognizable/unusable. As this is a automatically derived version from 16x16 one, no direct support will be given for this version at this time as I don't want to maintain 2 different sets manually. Just providing an additional channel for people who wants 12x12 instead.

Also, if you think you have a better way of re-sampling the image, you can start from the original 16x16 version.

For the text data, refer to the one for 16x16, but change the line




. Everything else should be the same.

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(Only 16x16 versions are shown)

Disclaimer: Most of the following are real captures. A few are faked. Faked doesn't mean that it cannot be done in-game, just that I didn't want to spend the time to do that.

List of civilian professions in Status Screen. Sphr sample civilian.png
List of military professions in Status Screen. Sphr sample military.png
Whose's blood is that on the barracks floor *THIS* time? Sphr sample dwarves barracks.png
A Tax Collector's day starts in the booze stockpile of the Dining Room. Sphr sample diningroom.png
When Darth Hammer isn't out executing innocent craft dwarves given impossible tasks that are doomed to fail by the evil Nobles of the Empire, he enjoys a quiet evening in his room amidst valuable metal ammo that he had 'claimed' in the name of the Empire.

His favourite line: May the Dark Side of the Fortress be with you...

Sphr sample darth hammer.png
Darth Hammer comes to survey the Storm... eh... Fortress Guards.

The Royal Guards accepts his authority in the absence of the Emperor... uh... I mean the King.

Sphr sample dwarves mockparade.png
A drinking session between Dungeon-"I love chains"-Master and his drinking buddy, Armorer Al.

Al: Do you have to bring that silly chain everywhere you go?
DM: Why not? I love chains. I love to forge them, I love to use them ... eh.. when chaining animals of course.
Al: No need to explain, I won't probe further. At least it was better than that stinking whip you carried last time.
DM: I love whips too. I mean... they are used for training animals...
Al: ...
DM: Really!
Al: Speaking of animals, do you HAVE to come to booze session with all the dogs you trained? Escaped the chains that YOU forged... AGAIN huh?
DM: It wasn't really the faults my chai...
Al:Oh my... what the... did you see what that dog did?? Into that wine barrel??? DID YOU SEE WHAT IT DID???
DM: Don't worry, nobody will notice the difference. It should be harmless to the body. In fact, it could be ACTUALLY be nutritious...
Al: I'm NEVER going to drink from a booze stockpile that you've visited... EVER!

Sphr sample dm drinkingsession.png
A busy day at the trading depot.

(Animals are not included in dwarves set. See Domestic Animals in Others section).

Sphr sample trading depot.png
The dwarvern gods have decided that a couple of nobles just made one mandate too many...

Dwarvern gods' Mandate: a row of cheapskate 1x2 tombs...

Can probably lasts about 5 migrations.

Sphr sample dwarves tomb.png


Version 0.2

Just when I wanted to take a break, the goblins invade... Currently only do enough to handle goblin's invasion + goblin thieves. No ETA on future additions (on need basis).

Version 0.2 adds the "Blood Horns", the equivalent of the goblin's fortress guards, named for the red horns of their elite soldiers. Being not very particular about hygiene, Blood Horns often use actual blood to color their attire.

16x16 (targeting 1280x400)[edit]

For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on one of the images below).

Standalone update-friendly version Dystopian Qantas v0.94 compatible version
Sphr goblins.png Sphr goblins dqc.png

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(Only 16x16 versions are shown)

Rookie goblin invader party. Sphr sample goblin invaders.png
Ast the unlucky engineer was reloading a cage trap near the edge of the region when the goblins arrived. He tried to run, but the goblin Pikemaster was faster. Sphr sample goblin invaders2.png
The Champion Squad is dispatched, and as ammo runs out, battle enters melee range. Sphr sample goblin invaders3.png
The battle is won with the invaders killed or chased off. But there was a casualty: a champion who wanted to pick up used ammo on the ground but entered a "Pick up equipment interrupted by goblin blah blah blah" loop and practically got slaughtered while standing still like a duck... Shows that you can wean them through countless dangerous sparring sessions and it still doesn't give them brains...;) Sphr sample goblin invaders4.png
To a dwarf, the most popular tile for goblins comes inbuilt in the game. Sphr sample goblin invaders5.png
A happy family of 5 goblin thieves sits in cages on my animal stockpile, awaiting a one way trip to the execution square.

Remember the rule concerning thieves: dogs for kobolds and cages for goblins.

Sphr sample goblin thieves.png


mini pack version 0.1

(transparent png)

Sphr elves.png

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(Only 16x16 versions are shown)

Elven Traders on Bactrian Camels??? Maybe they came from the Desert...

Camels not included.

Sphr sample elven traders.png
The domestic animals for elves gets ever more interesting... Elves on pigs.. eh I mean warthogs... seems like a more appropriate mount for dwarves though, especially if war-trained.... war-t-hogs.

Wonder when will I see elves on elephants.... (E on E in original tile)

Sphr elven merchant w warthog.png


minipack Version 0.1

A minipack consists of basic kobold tiles, namely STANDARD, CHILD, THIEF, MASTER_THIEF and some basic military: RECRUIT, WRESTLER, SPEARMAN, SWORDSMAN and their elite counterparts.

16x16 (targeting 1280x400)[edit]

For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on one of the images below).

Sphr kobolds.png

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(Only 16x16 versions are shown)

Thief! Protect the hoard from the skulking filth! Sphr sample kobold thief.png


Version 0.6

Note: I am too lazy to update the dyc version. Blame me.

  • 0.6 adds some site office holders (this update is triggered by a GUILDREP visiting my fortress actually). Added tiles for generic labor types. Unintentionally contains several under-testing zombie icons (lazy to remove). NOTE: There is a change in text data from 0.5, mainly to remove all the duplicated labor tiles, so please remember to update the text data in addition to updating the graphics file.
  • 0.5 adds skeletons and elite skeletons. Elite skeletons only available in the non DQ compatible one as it requires extra rows.
  • I've finished the skeletons and elite skeletons, but I have not decided whether to put it up. The reason is that the original organization used by DQ only sets one row for skeletons. However, to cater for both normal and elite, I need two rows and have modified my local copy to reflect that. The row organization is the same as the other military (one row for normal weapons, one row for elite). Releasing this version will mean a break from the DQ compatibility goal which may make things difficult for current DQ users. I don't know what I'll do yet, prob wait and see. If anybody got good ideas, do tell me about them.
  • 0.3 is first version made public. Now has merchants, peasant, child and all military, guards and royal guards.

16x16 (targeting 1280x400)[edit]

For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on one of the images below).

new organization Dystopian Qantas v0.94 compatible version (not updated)
Sphr humans.png Sphr humans dyc.png

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(Only 16x16 versions are shown)

Armed human trading convoy. Strange that they pair up a horse with a muskox.

Animals not included.

Sphr sample human traders.png
The mayor meets the human merchant prince in his cluttered office. Sphr sample human merchant prince.png
Some sort of town hall in a human town in Adventurer mode. Featuring peasants, child, sword guard, mace guard and the human swordsman adventurer. Sphr sample human townhall.png
Duel with a spear master in a ruin site.

I think that guy's a skeleton.

That means I'm missing some skeleton tiles...

Sphr sample human spearmaster duel.png
Same ruins, same skeleton, brand new tile. Sphr sample human skeleton spearmaster duel.png

Master swordsman meets giant cave spider.

Starting to turn and run.

Sphr sample human elite swordsman.png

Creature Sets[edit]

Domestic Animals[edit]


For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr animals domestic.png DOG

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(using 16x16 tiles)

Domestic animals at a meeting zone.

Featuring cats Mk2.

Sphr sample dogs n cats.png

Tundra Animals[edit]


For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr tundra.png MUSKOX

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(using 16x16 tiles)

Muskox pulling a merchant's wagon. Sphr sample muskox.png
Elk seen on outskirts of human town. Sphr sample elk.png
(Reserved for polar bear) (don't have it yet)

Subterranean Creatures[edit]


For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr subterranean.png CROCODILE_CAVE

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(using 16x16 tiles)

Lava creatures Sphr sample fireman fireimp magmaman.png
Giant cave swallow in a ... mm... cave. Sphr sample giant cave swallow.png
Giant bat in the same cave. Sphr sample giant bat.png
It may not be the mightiest, but it certainly is one of the DEADLIEST.

Giant cave spider.

Run, adventurer, run. While you still can.

Sphr sample giant cave spider.png
Troglodyte in a tunnel.

Yes, this is the reptilian version. I choose this so that the yellow glowing eyes seems more natural.

Sphr sample troglodyte.png
IMO one of the stranger creatures I've come across. Cave swallowman.

I could only guess from the raw data : armless body, 2 wings, beak, equips....

Sphr sample cave swallowman.png

Standard Creatures[edit]


For more details and installation instructions, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr standard.png GREMLIN

Sample Screenshots[edit]

(using 16x16 tiles)

The hydra, first of the Megabeasts Series. Sphr sample hydra.png
Ettin in a tunnel. Sphr sample ettin.png
To keep up with the digital age, maybe it should be called an iCyclops instead? Sphr sample cyclops.png
A giant whose head is on the bounty list. Sphr sample giant.png
This titan will make a wonderful addition to the zoo. Sphr sample titan.png
Ratman in a tunnel.
Same tunnel as Troglodyte above.
Blood there on the wall belongs to the Troglodyte shown above.
Sphr sample ratman.png
Yet another encounter in the same tunnel. This time an antman.
Tunnel society must be very advanced, having multi-racial factions all living together in a peaceful harmony,
and all united against the one common enemy.... me.
Sphr sample antman.png
This batman is neither caped nor a crusader. Sphr sample batman.png
A herd of unicorns. Sphr sample unicorn.png

Mountain Creatures[edit]


For the tilepage text data, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr creature large mountain.png GOAT_MOUNTAIN
  • v1.1 Corrected the mistake where the skeleton and zombie columns are swapped.
  • v1.0 First version, featuring hairy mountain goats. Now their bulk looks right compared to domesticated goats (which are not in game as yet) :)

River/Lake Creatures[edit]


For the tilepage text data, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr creature large riverlake.png HIPPO
  • v1.0 First version, featuring pink hippos! (got the idea from a nice photo of hippo at sunset) and some of the most dangerous freshwater fishes in DF.

Fanciful Creatures[edit]


For the tilepage text data, see image page itself (click on image below).

Sphr fanciful.png CHIMERA

Notes: I haven't seen these in-game, so I don't know exactly how they look. Would appreciate any feed-backs/screenshots which can help me tweak them.

LOL.. I just realised that these 3 creatures won't appear at all in the game. The raws are not even fully defined. Well, just treat this as hidden stuff, or potential resources for people who actually mod these creatures into their world.


Special occasions[edit]

Special tiles for special occasions. (No text data available as these are not meant for usual games, do your own merging.)

Christmas Special 2007[edit]

A secret meeting between Darth Hammer and Santa-dwarf. A new conspiracy of the Empire?


"shining bars... metal"

"raw... crystal"

"gems... shining"

"focusing... light"

"blade... red"

Sphr season01 santa.png
Spr dwarves santa.png Mayor-pretending-to-be-Santa; Craftsdwarf-pretending-to-be-Santa's-Elf; Dog-pretending-to-be-reindeer.

WIP Creatures[edit]


Basically, I'm taking things slow and only stop to draw new animals when they actually appear in my current game. But after a while, I feel like a animal wildlife photographer! :) Just getting excited wondering what creature I'll see next (before they end up in the butcher's workshop...)

Hmmm. Thinking maybe I should turn off all hunting and pseudo-play a wildlife conservatory, by creating a large closed surface area safe from invasions and a way to "trick" animals to go in one-way and stay there...

Raccoons sighted. A rare sight, since the hunters on this map quickly hunt down any hunt-able wildlife. Sphr sample raccoons.png
A troop of rhesus monkeys marches cross the map. Too bad there is also a goblin siege going on at the same time.

The pantry will have to wait.

Sphr sample rhesus monkey.png
A pack of grey wolves enters the region. Sphr sample wolves.png
This tame cougar is chained to a lonely post on a private plateau accessible only from within the fortress.

Too bad there isn't a mate. The hunters were too fast...

Sphr sample cougar.png

Character Tileset[edit]

Sphr's square 16x16 mix version 0.4.2 updated 08:32, 23 August 2008 (EDT)

Sphr square 16x16 mix.png

This is the tileset that I've put together from many different sources. Based off SL's work (which in turn is based off other tilesets like GuyBrush and Flying Mage). I also borrowed many tiles from Red Jack's Nintendo set to replace some of the oblique view tiles, modifying quite a number of them. Also did my own share of original work in addition to some of the modifications.

It is done with the intention of preserving the text as much as possible, but I had to sacrifice some of the punctuations. But I see this as interim... after all, there's the Presentation Arc...

For installation, see the instructions on the tileset page. It is also highly recommended to use Accent Removal, to make your text sane.

For sample, see the Sample Maps section.

For the colour scheme I use, see the image page itself.

version history[edit]

  • v0.4.2:
    • Added a more prominent indicator as mask to underscore character so that channel designation is more obvious.
  • v0.4.1:
    • Found more problems with engraved walls. Redid the whole mask to suggest existence of small carvings without changing the rest of the wall. Also changed the engraved floor mask. Last one looks horribly like a spider web.
  • v0.4:
    • Fixed a slight problem with one of the engraved wall masking that came from SL. Also tried changing some of the tiles used by workshops from ascii to what I think they are trying to represent, if they are not double-used as conflicting items by the game. Also put in a new experimental pattern for engraved tile in an attempt to make it darker (more black areas) when engraved so that it doesn't look worse compared to smooth floors. Expect it to mutate or revert back any time... -- 22:04, 13 August 2008 (EDT)
  • v0.3:
    • Tone done sand/water tiles as they are too bright. Touched up a few tiles here and there
  • v0.2:
    • Tries to solve 2 main problems. The ground dither is too bright to make out the trees. So darken the dither (which also improves punctuation readability) and redone one of the tree for higher contrast and more pronounced outline. But that in turns makes 1-z-level down terrain indicator too bright to easily tell ground from open space above a terrain 1 level below. So those are darkened down as well.
    • Fixed bins to appear as separate boxes.


  • First uploaded version. I'm replacing tiles as I see them in-game so some may not be "normalized" yet. -- 10:13, 11 August 2008 (EDT)

Sample Maps[edit]


I guess when I have time, I should pack all the tilesets into separate archives and upload to DFFD... when I can make myself do it... Note that at times, the tile images on the wiki page may be more up-to-date than the "Director's Cut" which is expected to be done less frequently.

Director's Cut[edit]

Currently at Version 5.1 (outdated)

This is not a "release". It's a snapshot of the actual files (gfx and char tilesets) I'm using (unmodified), including all of my WIP stuff which may not be released otherwise yet. It consists of more than just my own work so credits goes to their original creators (mainly DR) as well. Content is not expected to be persistent as I do edit/tweak/swap tiles quite frequently. Use of this is up to individual and I will not bear responsibility for anything broken. I am currently still using 39f, but the files I use should be compatible (unless new professions/creature added in new versions, in which case those professions will use probably some default tiles). It should also be compatible with older versions (at least up to 33a) except that some newly added professions/creatures may not be recognized and gets added to error log, but the game should run without problems.

SphrDirectorsCut #5.1

Please read the "sphr_readme.txt" in the main directory within the archive for more details.

Temp stuff[edit]

Some wildlife tiles not in released tile pages (with names, exact tokens not checked)

(transparent png)

Sphr delta1.png african elephant
single hump camel
double hump camel
giant leopard
giant jaguar
grizzly bear
malaysian sun bear
rhesus monkey
groundhog(i think)
Sphr warthog.png warthog