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This article is about an older version of DF.

Cloth is made at Loom from threads of plant fiber, yarn, silk or adamantine:

Silk is gathered as thread, but a Farmer's workshop is necessary to Process plant fiber and Spin yarn into their thread forms (Hair can not be woven into cloth).

Elves bring large amounts of rope reed cloth when they arrive for trading in the spring. Humans and dwarves often bring wool and pig tail cloth.

One newly made piece of cloth is worth 10000 'cloth units' and a thread is worth 15000 units of thread, according to the hospital.

Cloth can be fashioned into clothing or bags at a Clothier's shop, or made into crafts at a craftsdwarf's workshop. Empty bags and quivers, cloth crafts and clothing can be decorated with cloth at a craftsdwarf's workshop.

Cloth can be dyed at a dyer's shop.

  • Note: While other metals can be made into cloth, the same as Adamantine, the cloth cannot further be worked without new reactions.
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