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This article is about an older version of DF.

Tropical climates are those that are perennial warm. Bodies of water on the surface may evaporate during dry seasons (usually summer). But they can be refilled by rain. Rivers are unaffected. Most tropical climates offer vast varieties of animal- and plantlife (for example moist broadleaf forests).

Available tropical biomes[edit]

Land biomes[edit]

  • Tropical grassland
  • Tropical shrubland
  • Tropical savanna
  • Tropical moist broadleaf forest
  • Tropical dry broadleaf forest
  • Tropical freshwater swamp
  • Tropical saltwater swamp
  • Tropical freshwater marsh
  • Tropical saltwater marsh

Water biomes[edit]

  • Tropical brackish pool
  • Tropical freshwater pool
  • Tropical saltwater pool
  • Tropical brackish lake
  • Tropical freshwater lake
  • Tropical saltwater lake
  • Tropical ocean
  • Tropical brackish river
  • Tropical freshwater river
  • Tropical saltwater river