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This article is about an older version of DF.

An announcement is a message displayed at the bottom of the game screen used to indicate something important. Some announcements will pause gameplay and center the camera on the event in question. Examples of this are births, strange moods, caravans and liaisons arriving, cave ins, a miner finding new stone or damp or warm stone, and migrants arriving.

The Announcements page can be accessed with the a key. Page Up and Page Down scroll through the previous announcements.

More examples of announcements include job cancellations, the creation of masterpieces, dwarves and tame animals being struck down (including being slaughtered), dwarves gaining attributes, dwarves becoming champions, nobles changing the price of items, tame animals becoming adults and giving birth, weather events, seasons changing, sieges, enemy ambushers becoming revealed (thieves or ambushes), and work orders being completed.

The orders menu allows you to filter out certain job cancellation messages. x cycles through the four options for cancellation announcements:

  • None
  • Some
  • Most
  • All

The default setting is "Some".