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This article is about an older version of DF.
For area blocks of 48x48 tiles on a game map, see Region.
For "blocking" in combat, see Armor.

A block is a sub-type of building material. Stone and wood can be shaped into blocks at a mason's workshop or carpenter's workshop. Glass can be formed as blocks at a glass furnace, and metal blocks can be made at a forge from a single metal bar (or, in the case of adamantine, from four wafers).

A single block is required in order to build a well, screw pump, or ashery. Blocks can also be used in place of raw stone or wood in roads, bridges, and other major constructions (but not in items like crafts or furniture), but the difference is purely in the value. A pillar made out of normal stone is called a rough pillar.

Blocks, unlike raw stone or wood, can stack in bins in bar/block stockpiles.

Blocks have a base value of 5, compared to the raw material value of 3 for stone, wood or glass; metal bars already have a base value of 5. Blocks do not have quality levels.

Stone blocks are sometimes used as materials during strange moods.

Blocks of flux cannot be used for making pig iron or steel, nor can blocks of ore be smelted into metal.