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40d:Native platinum

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Native platinum
£ £ £ £ £ £ £
* = = = £ £ £
* * = = = £ £
* * * * = = £
* * * * * * =


Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Ore for one of the most valuable metals available, equal in value to aluminum and second only to Adamantine. Mined platinum veins are an ideal location for high value rooms (whether for a noble or as a meeting hall), since the floor left behind can be smoothed and then engraved with incredibly valuable artwork.

Platinum can occur in veins inside bodies of magnetite and as small cluster within chromite. The veins from magnetite specifically can extend far outside the magnetite they originate from and the vein may even be interrupted at the magnetite cluster border.

It is possible to make Crafts or Mechanisms with Platinum nuggets if it's enabled in the z-status stone menu, resulting in quite valuable items, good for export early in the game.

Although platinum metal is magma-safe, platinum nuggets are not.


Due to an error in the raw parsing code, the game attempts to generate native platinum as veins within chromite and as small clusters within olivine. This can be fixed by editing the ENVIRONMENT_SPEC tokens in the raws and reversing the order of the stone names. (Bug:1429)