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This article is about an older version of DF.

Galena is an ore of both lead and silver. It is the only source of lead. It is found as veins within a wide range of locations: granite, limestone, and all igneous extrusive layers and metamorphic layers.

When galena ore is smelted, it will always produce one lead bar. There is also a fifty percent chance of a silver bar being produced in addition to the lead.

Since galena is considered an ore of silver, it can be used in the creation of billon and electrum just as easily as native silver. While it will not produce a lead bar during such a reaction, it can still be worthwhile to use it this way for electrum due to lead having such a low value.

Making Billon is the statistically best value reaction. On a site with no pure silver smelting this to get training weapons is also a valid choice.

"Galena" is also the name of the sixth month of the dwarven calendar, covering late Summer.


Galena can be used to make several types of metal bars at a smelter: