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Acronyms used in Dwarf Fortress.

Acronym Meaning
AG Above Ground (as opposed to UG, UnderGround). Often refers to crops, but could describe anything.
AM Adventure Mode, solo character play in an extended world map.
DAS Dwarven Atom Smasher.
DF Dwarf Fortress, the game this wiki is based on.
FM Fortress Mode; game play with many, perhaps hundreds of dwarves in a single region.
GCS Giant Cave Spider.
HFS Hidden Fun Stuff; fell things awaken when dwarves dig too deep.
QSP Quantum Stockpile.
RL Real Life; not the game.
RNG Random Number/Name Generator/God.
UG Underground (as opposed to AG, Above Ground). Often refers to crops, but could describe anything.


  • Fun - Euphemism for the extreme or unexpected, also the inevitable fortress loss.