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This article is about the current version of DF.
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Dwarves can use crutches for more than just walking.

Crutches are used by dwarves to move around when lower extremity injuries and/or neurological impairment have limited their mobility. The associated skill is crutch-walking.

In fortress mode, patients who have lost the use of their legs due to short-term injuries or permanent motor nerve damage and amputation will trigger hospital staff to assign crutches as part of treatment. However, dwarves with spinal nerve injuries will not acquire and use crutches.

Crutches are made out of one wood log at the carpenter's workshop or three metal bars at a forge, using the blacksmith skill. Crutches are stored in a Finished Goods stockpile, and will be placed in bins when there is space available.

Dwarves hold crutches like any other object, and may use them in self-defense. Metal crutches allow for noticeably heavier strikes in this regard, but otherwise are just extra weight compared to wooden ones.

Adventurer mode[edit]

In adventurer mode, crutches can be used to walk when one or both legs are disabled. The associated skill (as above) is crutch-walking, and this can be trained to increase movement speed while using a crutch. It is possible to train crutch-walking without having an injury, however any adventurer carrying a crutch in their hand will have the movement penalty of using a crutch applied. Crutch-walking is only applied to walking gaits, so the skill is not used when swimming, climbing or crawling. It is possible to sneak while using a crutch. Crutches can be used to attack with the Misc. object skill even when needed for standing support.

It is currently possible to craft crutches in adventurer mode, done by pressing b to construct a site, and building a carpentry workshop. Crutches can then be created by dropping a log into the workshop and pressing x to have your adventurer craft a crutch using carpentry - due to the current store-type imbalance in adventure mode, they may be difficult to find for sale in shops. Crutches are most easily found during exploration of mead halls, camps or other places that have loot lying around.