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Divine equipment

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Spoiler2010.png This article contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, do not scroll down!
Forged by the gods themselves.

Divine equipment is a catch-all term for special, procedurally-generated weapons, armor, and clothing that can be found in vaults as well as deep underground. Divine equipment is used by angels, who ruthlessly protect the vault's priceless treasures. Divine equipment is usually made from divine metals and divine fabrics.

In fortress mode, divine equipment can be found on the lowest z levels, a few levels above the magma sea. A message "You have discovered an unusual volcanic wall studded with gems" will appear, pinpointing it's location once the magma sea has been discovered. These gem clusters contain two kinds of divine equipment, "Treasure of the gods", which are artifacts created with divine materials, and the divine equipment of angels that reside in these gem clusters. Their main difference is that angel equipment can be melted and repurposed for specific items, such as a monarch's throne.


Currently, divine equipment is produced by copying the default properties of the "base" item, and adding an adjective ("bulging", "bulky", "segmented", etc.) or renaming the item altogether ("blade", "curved sword"). Dwarves in strange moods which select from all items with a certain tag may produce one of these procedurally generated items. Since they retain the properties of their base items, divine equipment should be as usable as standard items of the base type.


  • asymmetrical
  • bell-shaped
  • bent
  • blocky
  • branching
  • bulging
  • bulky
  • cone-headed
  • crescent
  • double-tipped
  • frilly
  • intricate
  • jagged
  • large-headed
  • long
  • pointed
  • rectangular
  • rounded
  • segmented
  • sheer
  • sleek
  • split
  • square
  • tall
  • tapered
  • thin
  • wavy
  • wide-headed