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I am a little confused about the use of some terms on the wiki.

(A) The Skill articles utilize an infobox with terms 'Labor', 'Job Title', and 'Profession'.

  • With 'Job title' referring to the in-game 'profession' name. Regarded as profession title in profession->labor entry, which make the point of distinguishing it from Jobs.
  • while 'Profession' refer to the in-game color coding. Regarded as professional category in Skill#Professions.
This is a bit confusing, maybe a (1) different terminology should be employed in the infobox, or (2) a tooptip or link to relevant article should be added to the infobox. (3) possibly try for a clearer explanation of the basic terminology in labor.

(B) The lead of Skill articles is all over the place. Some articles focus on:

  • the skill - "Miner is the skill", "The bowyer skill is used to"..
Others focus on:
  • the 'Job title' - "A Cook is a dwarf whose highest skill is in cooking."
  • the 'Job title' using the term 'profession' - "A gem cutter is the profession of a dwarf whose"
  • the person doing the associated labor e.g. Brewer: "Brewers brew .." "Butchers do the dirty job of killing.."
Some use all the above but doesn't link to mining labor nor explain what associated profession is.
  • Miner is the skill associated with both the mining labor and its associated profession.
I think it might be best to (4) improve interlinking of all relevant article, making the treasure trove of information on the wiki more accessible, (5) figure out a more consistent lead based on input from experienced users here.

Any thougts? --Jan (talk) 21:42, 19 December 2021 (UTC)