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Igneous intrusive layer

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Created from rocks that have crystallized from the heat of magma.

Igneous intrusive stone layers can consist of granite, diorite, or gabbro, all of which typically contain gold and tetrahedrite.

Gabbro can also contain garnierite (the ore of nickel), kimberlite (which may contain diamonds), and olivine (which may contain native platinum). Granite can contain cassiterite (the ore of tin), bismuthinite (the ore of bismuth), and galena (the ore of lead, plus a 50% chance of silver).

Igneous intrusive layers[edit]

Stone found in igneous intrusive layers[edit]

Stone appearing in both igneous intrusive and igneous extrusive layers[edit]

Gems found in igneous intrusive layers[edit]

Gems appearing in both igneous intrusive and igneous extrusive layers[edit]

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In the real world[edit]

Igneous intrusive stone is formed by magma solidification occurring below the surface, as opposed to igneous extrusive stone, which forms above the surface of the earth.