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Diamonds are particularly precious, carbon-based gems that are generally found in gabbro layers. The rarer diamond types are the most valuable gems in Dwarf Fortress, along with the star sapphire and the star ruby.

List of diamonds[edit]

Rarity Gem name Value (×) Color Graphic Found where Found how
Semi-Precious light yellow diamond 30 7:1 Kimberlite Small clusters
Precious faint yellow diamond 40 6:0 Kimberlite Small clusters
Rare black diamond 60 0:1 Faint yellow diamond Single gem
Rare blue diamond 60 1:0 Faint yellow diamond Single gem
Rare clear diamond 60 7:1 Faint yellow diamond Single gem
Rare green diamond 60 2:0 Faint yellow diamond Single gem
Rare red diamond 60 4:0 Faint yellow diamond Single gem
Rare yellow diamond 60 6:1 Faint yellow diamond Single gem

For a complete list of gems, see Gems.

In real life[edit]

Historically, diamonds were ranked among the five cardinal gems. The others included amethyst (no longer as valued due to New World deposits), emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Its value has increased beyond that of the other precious gems since the 19th Century, most famously as a result of advertising campaigns.

Urist (and humans) love diamonds for their mind-numbingly beautiful shimmering.
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Dwarven: doren
Elvish: akera
Goblin: tusnung
Human: palath
Amber opalAventurineBanded agateBloodstoneBlue jadeBone opalBrown jasperCarnelianCherry opalChrysocollaChrysopraseCitrineClear tourmalineDendritic agateFire agateFortification agateGold opalGray chalcedonyJasper opalLace agateLapis lazuliLavender jadeMilk opalMilk quartzMoonstoneMorionMoss agateMoss opalOnyxOnyx opalPicture jasperPineapple opalPink jadePipe opalPlume agatePrasePrase opalPyriteResin opalRock crystalRose quartzSardSardonyxSchorlShell opalSmoky quartzSunstoneTiger ironTigereyeTube agateTurquoiseVarisciteWax opalWhite chalcedonyWhite jadeWood opalYellow jasper
AlexandriteAlmandineAmethystAquamarineBandfire opalBlack opalBlack pyropeBlack zirconBlue garnetBrown zirconCat's eyeChrysoberylCinnamon grossularClaro opalClear garnetClear zirconCrystal opalDemantoidFire opalGolden berylGosheniteGreen jadeGreen tourmalineGreen zirconHarlequin opalHeliodorHoney yellow berylIndigo tourmalineJelly opalKunziteLevin opalLight yellow diamondMelaniteMorganitePeridotPinfire opalPink garnetPink tourmalinePrecious fire opalPurple spinelRed berylRed flash opalRed grossularRed pyropeRed spinelRed tourmalineRed zirconRhodoliteRubicelleTanzaniteTopazTopazoliteTsavoriteViolet spessartineWhite opalYellow grossularYellow spessartineYellow zircon
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