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This article is about the current version of DF.

Tin is an uncommon, low-value metal whose only ore is cassiterite. Although it is not very useful itself, it is a component in the creation of a number of valuable alloys, such as fine pewter (used for decorations and furniture) and bronze (also useful for weapons). On its own, tin is not magma safe, or even fire safe, and will melt in a grass fire.

If you have a lot of cassiterite, it might be better to use it for tin glaze rather than tin bars. Tin bars cannot be used for tin glaze.

Tin is the third-lightest normal metal after Aluminum and Zinc and a reasonable choice for making bins, barrels and pots.

Small cuts of tin.
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Dwarven: akrul
Elvish: thono
Goblin: unstô
Human: irnat